Kings Dining & Entertainment Boston - Seaport Adds Complimentary Electronic Darts to It’s Entertainment Roster

Social Darts at Kings Dining and Entertainment - Boston-Seaport MA
Three years ago, when we officially rebranded and changed our name from Kings Bowl to Kings Dining & Entertainment, we did so with a purpose.  As our brand has evolved since we opened in 2003, so to have the tastes of our guests and the landscape of entertainment.  This evolution is motivating for us as a company as we update and add the games and activities that you, our guests, have asked for.  These games are at the heart of what we do as they connect our audience in new exciting ways.   
While bowling is, and always will be central to our business, we’ve added a myriad of entertainment options to our roster from retro video gaming in our 1Up Retrocade, to premier sports viewing in our Draft Room to live music and karaoke in our Whiskey Room Live (Franklin, TN).  
Our newest location in Boston’s Seaport District is proud to continue this evolution by adding complimentary electronic darts to an already packed entertainment roster.  The boards, made by industry leader Arachnid, feature hundreds of options including standard darts, Cricket and Around the World.
“Our guests have been asking for Darts as another popular gaming option,” says Leandro Neves, Director of Operations at Kings in the Seaport.  “We’re thrilled to oblige and add the offering to our entertainment roster at the unbeatable price of free!
Kings Entertainment Social Darts
Kings Entertainment Social Darts
Kings Entertainment Social Darts
To sign up on the boards, guests simply head to the front desk where they’ll collect the darts and get assigned to a board.  
If you’re looking for an unbeatable spot to have fun, connect and even compete a bit, Kings Dining & Entertainment Boston-Seaport just may be the perfect destination.
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