Meet Aaron Sagendorf | Director of Safety & Facility Management for Kings Dining & Entertainment

Aaron was born and raised in upstate New York. His love for bowling started at a young age where bowling was a way of life and very much part of the community culture in his hometown.  Before finding his way to our company, Aaron spent his teen years working in and out of bowling alleys learning from some of the industry’s best bowling mechanics and proprietors in traditional bowling houses.  Aaron even spent his free time coaching bowlers in leagues and perfecting his own bowling game.
Aaron’s journey with Kings began on a whim while visiting Boston with some friends. Aaron stumbled upon Kings unique design and alluring décor, and couldn’t resist seeing what this place was all about. Aaron’s attraction to the Kings Brand and leadership team motivated him to move to Boston to join the growing company.   
Aaron began his Kings career at the first location in Back Bay in 2010. Aaron focused on learning the Kings culture and absorbing all information and the many differences between Kings and traditional bowling house. Having worked previously in a culture where high volume bowling machine usage was the norm, Aaron began to see how his unique knowledge and experience could be helpful and how his opinion was trusted. He was empowered to implement systems and routines to improve the operations. Having only 16 lanes in the Back Bay location, Aaron knew that any downtime had an adverse impact on the guest experience and set out to reduce any downtimes by creating and fostering preventative maintenance systems and training procedures within the company.  
As Kings continued to grow, Aaron accepted the challenge and accompanied the Senior Leadership team to Rosemont, Illinois in assisting with the opening of our first out of state location. The opening of Rosemont was a big move for our company. Rosemont Kings at the time was the largest location in a new market with a new team who needed a dedicated leadership team ready to help them grow and show the Midwest what our brand is all about. Aaron was able to assist in recruiting efforts as well as training and implementing the systems he had been working on in the two Boston area locations here in Rosemont. Opening an out of state location takes a lot of hard work. The effort that is put in takes everything you have every single day and Aaron was hooked. Not only was he part of the successful opening and launch of Rosemont but he also helped open every single other location from that point on. 
After the successful opening of our 5th location in Lynnfield, MA Aaron was promoted to Director of Safety & Facility Management for the entire company. His new role would entail the direct oversight of all facilities, gaming, and maintenance for all locations. Aaron would be leading the teams in each location to ensure each location was maintaining the machines and equipment, but also supporting the managers in each building and help run successful operations. 
Aaron’s passion for our brand can be seen in many different ways. His input on gaming, facility and equipment layout has been crucial to the growth of our company. Aaron has been a large part of all decisions with gaming choices and all equipment changes and improvements in our buildings from the bowling machines, introductions to the retro arcade games right down to the incredible branded bowling balls and our highly accredited and ultra-comfortable bowling shoes.  Aaron works closely with vendors to achieve the best possible options for Kings gaming mix in each building and has been deeply involved in the retrofitting efforts in several locations. 
One of the stand out attributes of Aaron, besides his unmatched integrity and work ethic, has been his passion for safety. Ask any mechanic in the company what their most important job is and you will hear the same answer from each one of them- “Always working Safe”.  This culture has been taught by Aaron and the incredible Regional Mechanics he works with as the #1 job at Kings. Working with large machines and as many moving parts as the mechanics at Kings work in- each one knows the company’s passion for ensuring personal safety at all times.   
Our Mechanics are typically the unsung heroes of our brand. Being a Kings mechanic takes a special Kings of person who has patience, focus and the ability to solve problems, multi task, fix and maintain heavy machinery, and trouble shoot any issues that come up small and large. Being in charge of a twenty-five thousand square foot building and everything inside of it is not an easy task, but the mechanics are what keep it all running. Aaron’s ability to recruit, train, and empower these future leaders of our company is something that makes Aaron stand out leader in the Kings organization and a major reason for Kings success. 
Since starting with the company Aaron has helped promote and develop Assistant Facility Managers, Head Mechanics and Regional Facilities Managers as well as a few unique roles that help support the growing and evolving Kings brand. The Mechanics at Kings are the backbone of the company- a group of passionate and self-sufficient leaders who care about the business and each other. The Mechanics make up a small percent of the team members in the organization, but certainly have the most vital role in keeping everything moving. The culture of teamwork and the passion for constant improvement and always looking for a better system has been Aaron’s focus and what makes him a stand out Senior Leader in the Kings brand and a major reason for the success and growth of the organization.   
When Aaron is not traveling across the country working with the teams, or at the KDE World Headquarters, you can find Aaron working at home fixing up an old car, or maybe scouting the next great spot for Karaoke. 
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