Meet Anna Duncan: Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of Kings Cool Springs-Franklin

Before becoming the Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of Kings Cool Springs-Franklin, Tennessee, Anna Duncan felt a pullback to her hospitality roots: She had spent time as a high-level event sales executive for a destination management group in South Florida, helping create unforgettable and distinctive trips for tourists and corporate groups to some of Florida’s hottest destinations. Prior to that, her job as a concierge supervisor had her working with hotels and other premium venues in Orlando. 
Yet when asked about what drew her to Kings, Anna looks further back - all the way to her time working at local restaurants in Orlando.
“For me, my background is in hospitality, which is why I was excited to work at Kings,” Anna says. “I’d basically had every job at a restaurant you could have: host, server, bartender, sales manager. I liked that that was at the core of what Kings did well and wanted to be close to it again.”
‘Working as a Unit to Do Great Things’
The major difference between her previous jobs and her work as Event Sales Manager at Kings was the scope: Rather than working with corporate groups and potentially dozens of venues, Anna appreciated that working at Kings allowed her to focus on just a single venue and, importantly, a strong, motivated team.
“At Kings, the team is really at the core of everything,” she says. “You feel like a family. Everyone supports each other - you’re all under one roof, working together as a unit to do great things.”
When asked why she wanted to make the jump from her previous career to Kings, Anna talks glowingly about the development opportunities she saw available to her - and anyone - working at the company.
“I loved that Kings works to promote from within,” Anna says. “Seeing the culture of Kings made me comfortable taking a risk.”
‘We Don’t Serve Anonymous Guests’ 
Once hired, Anna brought her special insight into planning and executing premium events to the Kings Franklin-Cool Springs family. For her, hospitality was all about the connection you made with the guest: Learning who they are, figuring out their needs and doing whatever you can to make sure those needs are met while they are on-site.
“At Kings, we don’t serve anonymous guests,”  she says. “We’re not here to ‘turn and burn,’ We always want to know who they really are, why they’re coming in, what they enjoy and how can we make their celebration even better than they are expecting. We want to create an event that isn’t just fun, but actually welcomes them to come back later.”
Whether it’s meeting with her culinary team to get a game plan together, reviewing and following up on inquiries or plotting out an entire day’s worth of dining and entertainment at Kings, Anna takes her job of creating memories incredibly seriously - and takes great joy in being able to deliver on the promise of true hospitality.
“My favorite part is when you get to create something truly special,” Anna says. “No two days at Kings are the same and it’s like that with the events. No one act really defines hospitality, it’s all about centering everything o the guest and creating that connection. The menu, the entertainment, everything: you shape it around them.”
To be continued... because our team's stories are always growing! 
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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