Meet Chanda Ellis, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings Lynnfield & Kings Burlington, MA

Chanda Ellis is the type of person you meet and don’t forget.  Her charming personality, warm welcome, and hospitality are what have made her a unique and important member of the Kings Burlington team.  No matter the stresses of the day, her fun demeanor, quick jokes, and homemade treats are always front and center in her office, and with her guests. 
Taking it way back, Chanda was born & raised in Billerica, MA where she spent her time working alongside her dad who owned an electrical business. Her dad would take her around and teach her the in’s and out’s of his world.  She would stand back learning, handing him tools when needed, and making lists for supplies.  She really learned what it meant to own and operate a business, stay organized and work hands-on.  It’s no wonder why Chanda is as gritty and passionate as she is, having learned from her dad what it means to work hard and be dedicated, she showcased that from a young age. 
Chanda began her career in hospitality at a local ice cream shop as a teenager during the summers. This is where she learned to work quickly and be a team player. It was here that her love for the fast-paced hospitality world started.  After her time at the ice cream shop, Chanda began working at a local Italian restaurant, Luigi’s in Bedford, MA as a host. This small Italian restaurant was a local favorite, having been open for more than 50 years before Chanda began working for them, so she had to learn quickly about this new hospitality world of to-go orders, cash handling, catering, and reservations. Her positive attitude and willingness to help and learn is what helped her get quickly promoted to work on the expo line, where she learned much more about the culinary side of the restaurant world. She learned so much from her time at Luigi’s and was eager to continue her career, so in 2013 Chanda left Luigi’s and took on her first role as a server for a Mexican restaurant chain in the area where she was able to hone in on her guest service skills. 
Chanda got involved with many different restaurant concepts, as well as different areas within those concepts, before she came to Kings in Burlington, MA in 2016 as a server. This knowledge is what made her transition to Kings so easy. Her personality and willingness to help in any way she could, no matter what area of the venue is what made her a shining example of what Kings strives for within the Kings Culture Values and Mission Statement.  After less than a year, Chanda was working both serving and bartending shifts and always raising her hand to help with off-site events, charity events and more, volunteering her time when she wasn’t working to help our growing brand. When she was working, she was operating her shifts with the biggest smile and was always mentioned by name in positive reviews from her guests on review sites. It was in February of 2018 when Chanda was approached with the opportunity to work with the Sales Team. She was great with talking to guests, promoting our brand, suggestive selling when it came to our food and beverage, so having her join the sales team was a no brainer for her General Manager.
In 2018, Chanda joined the Sales Team as a Sales & Marketing Manager, helping to overlook the event sales and marketing initiatives for both our Burlington, MA and Lynnfield, MA locations.   “Chanda has an incredible ability to form the most genuine relationships with our guests, from start to finish she delivers amazing memorable experiences” Senior Director of Events, Kristen Ripley says. She is always thinking of out of the box ideas to enhance guests’ experience. Chanda is also very creative and has an outstanding sense of humor which has helped her to naturally take the lead on many company-wide promotional events. She is always looking to find creative ways to turn current world events into fun, interactive events for both her team and guests.  Chanda continues to be an important part of the Sales Team family and brings a lot to the table to help not only her local teams here in Massachusetts, but also to help her sales team family far away with new sales techniques or quirky ways she communicates with her guests to form that great relationship.
If you were to ask Chanda what it was she loved about Kings and her job, it would be “how hands-on everyone is”, knowing that is how her dad raised her, so it’s a great thing to see that she’s surrounded by a team who will dive in and be supportive alongside her once again. When Chanda isn’t working, you can find her roaming the aisles at Trader Joes (maybe looking for that hidden stuffed animal), a local farmers market on the weekends, and cooking up some special meals with her husband, John.  When she’s not cooking, you’ll find her with a good book at a local coffee shop (she has a few favorites)! 
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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