Meet Corey Simpson, Director of Operations, Kings Cool Springs-Franklin

From the beginning of his journey with Kings, it was clear that Corey Simpson was a charismatic charmer.  His remarkable work ethic and easy-going attitude made him an instant guest and team favorite as an opening bartender at Kings’ 5th location in Lynnfield,  MA.  Corey was recognized among his peers as a team player who would work hard to support anyone he was working with.  As he continued to grow in his role, it became clear that beyond the charm was an emerging leader.
When given the opportunity to move into a leadership role, Corey jumped at the chance, quickly getting experience in three additional Massachusetts locations: Dedham, MA, and Back Bay, MA before settling into Burlington as a Senior Floor Manager.  During his tenure in the Boston area, Corey was involved in many projects with Director of Beverage, Jen Fitzgerald and the culinary leadership team, and worked closely with several GMs to support rollouts and the development of company-wide programs used in all locations today.
Corey was always up for a challenge and navigated his journey to work in every location in the Boston area with enthusiasm and an open mind.  It’s no surprise then when Corey was asked to move again to help with the opening of the new Kings in Doral, Florida, he jumped at the opportunity and packed his bags.
Corey was instrumental during the opening in helping to set up, prepare, hire and coordinate the many moving parts and tasks that were involved in the Miami-Doral opening.  Launching into a new market, there was a tremendous amount of work to be done and Corey worked relentlessly to support every Director and the Doral team to make the opening seamless.  Corey was promoted to Senior Manager before the doors even opened thanks to his passionate commitment to the team and the unyielding efforts he put into the launch of Kings’ 10th location in Doral.
Corey’s personal growth can be directly tied to his heightened level of personal reflection.  Corey has such an admirable desire to learn and grow not just from mistakes, but to adapt great attributes from each mentor he’s had along the way into his own leadership style.  Corey has worked to support the team in Doral in ways that have grown both him and the location into what will be one of the top-performing Kings in the country in the prestigious Miami market.
Corey assembled and nurtured one of the best leadership teams imaginable in Doral and continues to grow and develop them through the practices of our Core Values.  Despite several difficult circumstances and speed bumps, Corey has never wavered from his commitment to his team and the mission statement and has impressively upheld these in the face of adversity.   Corey has top-tier integrity and grit and has built huge amounts of trust and respect with many members of the senior leadership team.  
When we think of Corey in relation to Kings’ Core Values he checks every box and then some.  His trust in his journey and self-motivation to be reflective and grow himself and those around him are the exact recipe for our company’s success. At Kings’ annual Leadership Conference in Orlando we give out many awards, but the one that COO Josh Rossmeisl gives out is the Culture Values award, and in 2019 that award went to none other than Mr. Simpson. Past award winners are now 2 of our Regional Vice Presidents and our Executive Director of Operations.  
We are happy to announce that under Corey’s Leadership, the location in Doral has gone from an outlier to an up and coming location with a lot of great momentum and significant growth.
Corey’s journey now takes him to Nashville-Franklin TN as the Director of Operations of one of our most diverse, flagship locations in a growing market. Corey’s “trust in his journey” has been the reason for his growth.  Corey has worked with so many great leaders and so many unique locations and now the student has become the teacher as Corey is among the best mentors in the company.  His journey continues.
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