Meet Douglas Q. Warner, Senior Vice President of Sales and Innovation for Kings Dining & Entertainment Brands

(Kings Bowl, The Draft Room, Max & Leo’s and The Whiskey Room Live)
Doug was born and raised in the Washington DC, Maryland area, eventually moving up to Boston during high school and has been a true Bostonian in every sense of the word since.
Doug first started with Kings in 2006 as a bartender for our flagship Back Bay location. The idea was to earn some extra cash as he was working his way towards his Master’s degree at Boston University. With his boundless energy, passion for guest service and the ability to always have fun made him an ideal member of the Kings family. Through the early years of Kings, Doug helped to shape the marketing culture that is Kings today.  Whether it was brainstorming and working through a newly devised weekly gaming promotion, to a fun over the top cocktail; Doug’s passion and willingness to always try new things based on trends and guest feedback was the catalyst Kings was looking for to start pushing our brand and marketing efforts forward.
Doug’s leadership journey with Kings began when he assumed the role of “Beverage Manager” in Back Bay.  With this role, Doug’s primary objective was always to get “butts in seats”.  Being a beverage manager to Doug was more a role creating a culture with the bartenders about learning who their guests were and figuring out creative ways to keep them in the building and get them to come back more often.  
When Kings second location launched in Dedham Massachusetts at Legacy Place in 2009, Doug was given the opportunity to assume the role of Marketing Manager. It was here that Doug worked to launch many of the programs that we have today.  As Doug and the management team started to solidify our Marketing department, Doug began to oversee both locations and started to streamline promotions and align both stores. His leadership skills and ability to relate to anyone has helped take our guerilla marketing efforts to the next level. With any off-site event, charity event and everything in between, Doug’s ability to lead and inspire the teams to get behind the efforts and ensure that each event was above and beyond successful, was something truly unique and appreciated. 
As our company continued to grow, Doug’s efforts in developing our brand and streamlining of our stores did not go unnoticed and certainly wasn’t easy.  Doug managed all promotions, special events, charity events, fundraising, social media and much more.  Doug was involved in each stores opening and eventually assumed the role of “Director of Marketing” for the company and oversaw each locations marketing efforts in collaboration with the Marketing Managers in each location.  As Kings opened the 8th location in Burlington Massachusetts, Doug was officially promoted to, Senior Vice President of Sales & Innovation. Doug’s effortless ability to promote sales growth through our stores despite the challenges of this ever-growing industry, starts with supporting and developing the teams, something Doug has been just as passionate about. 
“Working with the teams in each store, it’s easy to break the norms. It has its challenges, but is so refreshing to hear and see everyone’s ideas. It forces me to continue to look at our business differently and in a new light.”
Marketing large venues with many moving parts is not an easy task and it’s been Doug’s organization and smart team alignment that has allowed the Kings brand to be widely recognized as the industry leader in “Social Dining” winning countless awards in dozens of categories.  Doug and his team are constantly working on new and creative ways to stay relevant and exciting in an ever-changing market that caters to many demographics from families to corporate clients to adults.  
When Doug is not tireless working in front of his 3 computers you can find him with his wife Jennifer, daughters Morgan and Zoe and dog Otto in Lexington, Massachusetts.  Doug is also a passionate Karaoke artist and has taken this passion into the Kings brand with Karaoke weekly in every location and has worked to integrate this as a permanent fixture into the design of our location in Nashville in the brands spin off concept “The Whiskey Room Live”.   Passionate about sports, Doug was the co-founder of the KBA brand “The Draft Room” which is an upscale sports bar concept inside select Kings Locations.  
As you step into a Kings location you see the impact that Doug has had throughout the venue from the graphics to the menus and promotions and much more.  Thanks to Doug’s guerilla approach to marketing the brand and top-notch leadership and vision for Kings, the brand continues to grow and thrive.  
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