Meet Elle Hartel, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings Dedham, MA

Elle was born in Paraguay, South America, living there for five years until moving to Norton, MA. She studied Marketing Communications at Simmons College in Boston, MA and soon began her hospitality career as a hostess in Cape Cod, MA over a summer where her passion started to reveal itself.  After that summer she knew she wanted to stay in the hospitality industry but had a bit of hesitation to give serving a try; however, Elle quickly pushed herself out of her comfort zone and embarked on serving at a local restaurant where she was able to really connect with her guests and realized she wanted to keep on this path. 
Throughout her 10+ years in the hospitality industry, Elle has had the opportunity to learn many positions including the prep line and expo.  Leading up to her time with Kings, she always enjoyed being a serve as  Elle has a natural way of making a meaningful personal connection with people, making you instantly feel at ease.  She says, “When done correctly, providing thoughtful and exceptional service opens windows of opportunity to learn something knew about someone and to make their day”. 
Elle started at Kings from a friend’s recommendation when she was looking for a new opportunity. She came in and met with then Bar Manager, now Director of Operations for Kings Dedham, Rich Coward. ”Rich confirmed that everything my friend had told me about ‘moving up’ within the company was in fact true and even shared his story with me about how he started out as a Wait Assistant/Barback and that he slowly progressed to where he was and that he could only see himself moving forward from there,” says Hartel. Rich quickly recognized Elle’s strengths as a server along with the way she would take new teammates under her wings to help develop and encourage them. She quickly became a certified trainer for Kings Dedham and raised her hand at every opportunity to get more involved on the Sales & Marketing side, working on many projects and implementations while serving and training. 
Elle was promoted to the Sales & Marketing Manager position in September of 2016, just two short years after her start with Kings. Elle never let go of her connection to the floor and her teammates. To this day, she continues to be an instrumental part to the training and development of the entire team. She is always there to support all departments and has a very teamwork-oriented mindset. She quickly proved to be a huge contributor to the increase in overall sales in Dedham and was promoted to Senior Sales & Marketing Manager in November of 2018. 
“Kings is the kind of company that encourages growth and in that encouragement, views failures as a totally natural and great part of growing.  Kings will also push you to better yourself, not just for the benefit of the company, but primarily to benefit yourself. Kings is genuinely interested in each individual and teammate that walks through our doors. We understand that the only way we can be better as a team is to work on ourselves individually. This means educating ourselves through a great Ted Talk video or article you can find online, or finding a book that coincides with our goals.” says Hartel. “Having been a part of Elle’s journey with Kings from the beginning has been amazing to watch, her investment in continuing her own growth is truly admirable. If you are ever in need of a good, inspirational read, educational TED talk, Elle is the go to!” says Kristen Ripley, Senior Director of Events.  
Elle has a deep passion for community involvement and helping others. She has spearheaded numerous fundraising events at Kings Dedham including our annual Journey Forward Casino Night and The Mayo Bowl/Sweet Feet for Strikes, both with over 500 attendees each. When working with a charitable organization or an individual looking to raise funds for the first time, Elle takes control and always gives a sense of calm and comfort to the organizers knowing that she has their best interest at heart.  Melissa Davis, Director of Event Training & Technology, says, “I have always enjoyed watching Elle flourish when it comes to helping others while creating incredible memories for charitable events.  She is truly empathetic.  Community involvement is something I am also very passionate about, so it makes me very proud to have her on our team.” 
When Elle is not working with the team in Dedham you can find her spending time with her beautiful and energetic toddler, Ava, and her family.  Elle has a remarkable talent for writing and hopes to inspire others through her writing someday.  She also took piano lessons for nine years, even composing her own piece at the age of nine. She still enjoys playing whenever she can.  
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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