Meet Erin Callahan, Vice President of Operations Technology

Meet Erin Callahan, Vice President of Operations Technology
Erin Callahan is a New Jersey native who attended school at Seton Hall before moving to Boston and receiving a degree in computer science and networking.  Erin had worked in the restaurant industry for several years before her career path changed as she emerged into a management leadership role at the upscale Italian Restaurant she worked in prior to Kings. 
Erin’s journey with Kings began in 2006 when she was recruited into the company as the Assistant General Manager in the very first (and only at the time) Kings.
Erin was a large part of the implementation of the many systems, culture, training and operational enhancements that help to make Kings what it is today.  Her time spent in operations was always focused on searching for better ways to support the team and make the guest experience seamless and memorable.   An expert in dining room management, Erin helped develop the program that is now known as “Dine then Bowl” at Kings, introducing a system that allowed guests who dined at Kings to move to the top of the waiting list on peak days resulting in increased reservation counts and food sales.
In 2009, Kings Dining & Entertainment began our expansion with a beautiful new venue in Dedham, MA.  When our second location opened, Erin assumed the role of General Manager in Back Bay and her work continued and expanded as she helped develop more multi-venue systems.  Erin took her passion for the back office “POS” system to new heights as she explored the various ways to improve Kings tracking and technology connected to the point of sale operating systems.  
Erin was involved in opening the next two locations in Chicago and Florida by supporting the setup, hiring, training and opening events.  As the expansion of Kings continued, so did Erin’s role with the company as she was promoted to the Director of Operations for the growing company.  Erin helped to launch many of the incredible systems used in the company including the back office management and accounting system that streamlined all reporting, inventory and personnel management.  Little did she know that her involvement and passion for the systems and technology for the company would lead to a shift in her role and when Kings opened the 9th location in Franklin, Tennessee, Erin was promoted to Vice President of Operations Technology.  
The role of VP of Operations Technology was fitting given how much Erin is involved in the global operations of Kings and her vast knowledge of computers.  Erin has been the most significant reason for the growth of Kings as her passionate and pioneering contributions to every bit of technology and tracking has impacted the company in an enormous way allowing the brand to focus on the support of its leaders and growth.  
Beyond the technology piece of what Erin does, she has earned the important role of “New Store Opening Coordinator” and acts as the liaison between Kings and its vendors and contractors.  Erin works on the job sites to coordinate the many moving parts that make up the complicated interworking of Kings Dining & Entertainment build outs and has an eye for detail that ensures when the doors open, the facility is ready.
Erin’s reach is wide and her contributions immeasurable and her work ethic, indescribable -certainly a big reason everyone works as hard as they do when you see someone like Erin who challenges herself to adapt, learn and grow.  No challenge is too big for Erin to take on and she gives confidence to those who work alongside her.
The incredible support Erin gives to every single department in the company is the reason Kings is what it is today.   The diverse leadership skills that Erin brings to the table and the way she has an uncompromising support process for those in the organization is certainly the reason for Kings’ current success and the future growth and success of the company.
When she is not working, Erin enjoys sailing around the world on her Pirate Ship “The Jolly Rodger” with her first mates and her parrots.  In her time away from Kings, she enjoys spending time with her cats in her newly purchased home in Framingham, MA and accomplishing DIY projects.  She also enjoys riding her motorcycle and traveling.  
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