Meet Erin Taylor, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings North Hills, Raleigh, NC

Erin Taylor grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she attended a Health Science Academy at her high school.  This led to an interest in the field of Veterinary Medicine and Erin pursued an opportunity to become a Veterinary Technician.  “One of the things that comes to mind with Erin is her heart, especially when it comes to volunteering and taking care of animals. She has never let go of working a 7:00 AM Saturday shift at the veterinary hospital because she loves taking care of the animals.” stated Leo Neves, Regional Vice President of Operations.  Erin’s passion for animals is just a small insight into what has made her such a valued member of the Kings Team. 
Erin is no stranger to Kings as she has been part of the Kings family since the Grand Opening of our Raleigh/North Hills location in October of 2014.  Starting out as a bartender, Erin brought her passion for guest service to Kings after bartending at a few spots around downtown Raleigh.  Behind the bar, she was a natural leader and her passion for guest service built an army of loyal regulars.  Her attention to detail and hunger to learn quickly led to a bar administrator role which then grew into an opportunity to take on the Beverage Manager position where she oversaw the bar team along with managing inventory and the cost center for the bar.  Never one to turn down a challenge and the opportunity to grow, Erin became more involved in the marketing needs for the Raleigh location and soon transitioned into the Marketing Floor Manager position where she was able to focus on getting guests in the building and ensuring that they had amazing and memorable experiences once they were there.  
After over 3 years with Kings, Erin made a decision to explore a new opportunity at a hotel in downtown Raleigh where she could dip her toes into the world of event sales.  Wanting to gain more experience in the Sales & Marketing field, Erin worked as a Restaurant Manager and Private Dining Coordinator at the Marriott Raleigh City Center which gave her a taste of the sales experience she was craving and helped her to cultivate valuable experience in a different facet of the hospitality industry.  It was here that she realized that Sales & Marketing within the hospitality industry is truly where her passion lies.  When a position in the Sales & Marketing office opened up at Kings Raleigh/North Hills in the fall of 2018, Erin Taylor was top of mind and she returned to Kings that October as a Sales & Marketing Manager.  Since her return, Erin has been an integral part of the continued sales growth that this location continues to see.  
Having flourished in almost every position within Kings itself, along with the knowledge gained from her experience in the hotel industry and beyond, is what makes Erin an invaluable member of the Sales & Marketing team. Whether it’s booking a birthday party, a charity event or a full-venue corporate buy-out, Erin has a natural ability to put your mind at ease throughout the entire process.  Her knowledge of restaurant operations and passion for guest service is a recipe for success when it comes to booking events - she is able to combine the guest’s vision for their event and make recommendations from a technical perspective, drawing on her expertise of food and beverage service along with her understanding of the venue, ensuring that each event is as successful and memorable as the last. “Guest Service is something that is in Erin's DNA. She has been in this business for a long time and understands the value of making a connection with people” says Leo Neves, Regional Vice President of Operations.
Erin often describes herself as feeling “at home” in the Sales & Marketing office at Kings.  When asked how Kings has helped her grow, Erin stated, “Kings has taught me more than I could have ever imagined to learn. I come from a background in Veterinary Medicine and bartended on the side. I never thought that the doors would open up to the position I am currently in. Through the multiple roles I have been in, I have learned more about myself and the things that I want. I always had a thought of Marketing and Sales but didn’t know how to reach the goals I wanted. Kings saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself at the time and continuously pushed me to grow. I have always been notorious for doing things myself and overwhelming myself because of it, but Kings has taught me to learn something, master it, and pass it on. I have learned to be more patient, understanding, and to delegate more items to other people.” 
Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, Jessica Rooks, reflects on Erin’s journey with Kings: “I started as a Sales & Marketing Manager in 2015 and Erin was a member of our Operations Team at the time, as our Marketing Floor Manager.  I always knew that I could count on Erin to run every event from start to finish.  She always made sure that everything ran smoothly from the back of the house, to leading the team of servers and bartenders assigned to the event, all while making genuine connections with the party hosts and guests in attendance.  It’s been amazing to see her translate those skills into the role of Sales & Marketing Manager.  If anyone has a question about literally anything related to Kings, they know Erin Taylor will likely have the answer.  And if she doesn’t, she gets excited about the opportunity to learn about something she didn’t know!”  Erin also has a secret love of adrenaline and has once backflipped out of an airplane - that kind of energy continues to serve her well in the fast-paced world of Sales & Marketing within the hospitality industry.  She loves that no two days are the same which allows her to remain adaptable to any situation while keeping a positive outlook.
When Erin is not within the walls of Kings booking parties or moonlighting at the Veterinary Hospital, you can find her volunteering with a local animal sanctuary, at the gym or spending time with friends at various downtown eateries.  Erin also has a love of hiking, and even though she’s been told Don’t go chasing waterfalls… she can sometimes be found doing that too! 
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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