Meet Jacqueline Castillo, Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings Rosemont, IL

Hospitality is defined as the “friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers”.  Some people are just cut out for the world of hospitality as they are blessed with a positive demeanor, an eagerness to bring happiness to those around them and to create special and memorable experiences.  Jackie Castillo is one of those people.
After growing up in Lake Zurich, IL a suburb just north of Chicago, Jackie went off to school showing a great thirst for knowledge has earned degrees in both Applied Science and Arts.  Like many, Jackie entered the world of hospitality without knowing much about it aside from the fact that it was a fun way to make money and interact with people.  She started as a server at a local restaurant and quickly was recognized for her natural skillset and the genuine connections she was forming with guests.  Before long she was learning how to bartend and she was eagerly learning to take on more responsibilities and building up a great base of regulars who would visit just to hang out with her.
After becoming an established and valued presence at the restaurant, the team looked to expand on the programming of the special event they had to offer.   Jackie was identified and nominated to take on the role, though it wasn’t something she had even considered doing before.  As with her previous roles, it didn’t take long for Jackie to establish her presence as an event coordinator and to carry through the skill set that made her such a great server and bartender to the planning and execution of events for her guests.  
Over the next several years, Jackie further grew into her position and established herself as a standout presence in the restaurant.  She continued to form great relationships with her event clients who would book time and again knowing Jackie would bend over backward to ensure a great experience for them.
Jackie’s journey with Kings started as she began to look for an opportunity that offered entertainment in addition to food and beverages.  In a serendipitous twist of fate, her fiance had heard about Sales & Marketing Manager opening at Kings and she jumped at the opportunity.
In her time at Kings, Jackie has established herself as a true sales leader at Kings.  She is invested in her own continued education and growth and that of the people around her.  Having worked up from hourly positions herself, Jackie has the respect of the team around her who go out of their way to deliver a great experience for her clients and guests.  Whether it’s a party of 2 or 2,000, Jackie handles every event as a special one and every guest as if they are her only one, creatively devising enhancements and special touches to “wow” them.
“Jackie has a natural knack for quickly developing incredible relationships with her guests and our team members,” says Corey Hardersen, Director of Operations at Kings in Rosemont.   “Those relationships have had a measurable effect on the mentality of our whole team and, by extension, has created happier guests and increased sales.” 
Any client of Jackie’s can expect a pleasant experience from their first visit or phone call through the booking process and beyond.  Her commitment is to create memorable experiences for every guest and she embraces any challenges along the way with creative solutions and a teamwork mentality.  Jackie’s hospitality mindset, investment in her own growth and her commitment to her teammates a truly valued and respected member of the team in Rosemont...and her journey has only just begun.
When she’s not at Kings, you can find Jackie shopping, cooking, discovering new restaurants or exploring the city with her husband and two dogs, Roscoe and Toby.
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality, apply to Kings today to get started.
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