Meet Jacqui Getz - Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Kings Dining and Entertainment

Jacqui’s professional life began as she graduated with a degree in Business and Theatre. While in school she became instantly involved in college life as a DJ with her own radio show, secretary of the theatre company, as well as having parts in many show productions.  Jacqui wrote for the college newspaper and was also in the self-defense club.
Jacqui began her career in retail managing stores for some of the top brands in the country such as; Express, Banana Republic, Bebe, Lasenza Lingerie and more. Jacqui decided to venture out and open her own boutique clothing and specialty gift store called “Cheeky Diva”. Cheeky Diva became a very well-known brand synonymous with excellent and personalized service.  As the owner, Jacqui traveled the world sourcing the hottest trends in fashion and promoting her exciting brand. Jacqui was very involved in the Boston fashion scene and won numerous awards and accolades as the premier fashion boutique store that catered to a very exclusive clientele that she worked to build over her many years in business.  
As the Kings brand emerged from Boston’s Back Bay into the second location in Legacy Place Dedham MA., Jacqui was networking with the opening General Manager, now Chief Operating Officer of the company and was recruited into Kings part-time.  Juggling her fashion boutique store and her part-time commitment at Kings was a fun adventure that leads to great connections for both businesses.  
As the company continued to grow, Jacqui was offered the position as “Director of Events” for Kings overseeing the sales teams for the company.  Jacqui’s natural ability to motivate and empower a team coupled with her passion for relationship building made her the perfect candidate for this role.  Jacqui made the decision to sell her business and join the Kings family full time.  
When Kings opened the 5th location, Jacqui was given the opportunity to take her incredible people skills and start selling something different for the company- Jobs!  Jacqui’s job title changed to “Director of Talent Acquisition” for the company and worked to recruit talent for Kings as it continued to grow.  
Jacqui has been part of some of the top people recognition culture programs in the company including team member awards and newsletters as her passion has always been recognizing internal talent and allowing them to grow within the organization.  Jacqui was the founder of the company “Development Seminar” that helps motivate and encourage internal growth in the company.  Jacqui has a genuine belief that we are surrounded by talent and just need to give them the opportunity and tools.  Kings has an unprecedented 85% internal promotion rate where the majority of the leadership roles in the company have started off in the hourly ranks. 
Jacqui works closely with the Director of Employee Communication and Development and the Training and Compliance Team for Kings and helps support the onboarding and training process of all internal and external “Kings Managers in Training”.  
Today, Jacqui is Kings “Senior Director of Talent Acquisition” and oversees hiring and recruiting for nearly 1200 team members, managers, directors and support staff for the company.  Jacqui oversees the recruiting and placement of all managers and team members for each new opening for Kings and helps assemble an impressive team of nearly 150 team members. 
Jacqui is extremely passionate about the Kings Mission Statement line to “recruit, develop and empower a talented and motivated team” and has helped recruit and nurture some of the industries most talented team members and leaders for over 30 different roles within the company.  Jacqui is never too busy to make a connection with team members and managers and has a genuine interest in the growth and development of these team members.  
Jacqui truly embodies the special culture of Kings and has been one of the top reasons for the success and growth of the company.  A company is only as good as its team on the front line and the leaders who are empowered to lead them and Jacqui leads the charge to ensure she recruits the best of the best always.  
When Jacqui is not working towards her professional goals she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She has a love of the ocean and going to the beach, traveling and going on many new adventures with friends. Jacqui enjoys exotic teas and loves dining out.  She loves the theatre, going to concerts and has a love of all kinds of music. Jacqui also enjoys traveling to Nashville Tennessee where she has made several friends.  
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