Meet Jenna Gabriel - Senior Director of Marketing & Brand Development

Say hello to Jenna Gabriel.  Jenna grew-up in North Andover and is currently living in South Boston.  She is a graduate of Curry College with a double degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  Jenna got her first exposure to the restaurant world at her parent’s establishment “Wiseguys” where she tended bar and helped with several other tasks from inventory to cashouts. 
She joined the Kings Dining & Entertainment family in 2010 in the Dedham, MA location as a bartender while she was still in college.  Jenna was known for her welcoming smile, ability to talk to anyone and her innate ability to make them feel welcome at her bar and build sales as a result.  In 2011, Jenna was recognized for those abilities and was challenged to continue her own growth and that of the company as an Assistant Marketing Manager in the original Back Bay location, under the direction of Doug Warner, Director of Marketing.  Jenna was a quick study and her impressive organizational and communication skills paired with her action-oriented mentality and passion for Kings, allowed her to flourish in her new role. 
Jenna hosted many incredible events in Back Bay and helped shape several promotions and large scale charity events.  Jenna was not only incredibly organized, but with each event, she worked hard to look for ways to improve the next one through great communication.  The success of many of the companies promotions were due large in part to Jenna’s tweaking and studying each one to see what works and what didn’t. 
After several years with the company and a lot of hard work and persistence, Jenna received a promotion to Marketing & Special Events Manager, overseeing both the Dedham and Back Bay locations.   In this role, Jenna showed her amazing ability to juggle many projects on a regional role as she began to lead major celebrity events, oversee planning and rollout of multi-unit promotional programming, manage creative development for marketing collateral, plan and execute social media strategies, oversee donation fulfillment and much more.   
As Kings continued its expansion to Rosemont, IL, Orlando, Fl and Lynnfield, MA, Raleigh, NC and Burlington, MA Jenna was increasingly instrumental in each opening in a variety of roles in marketing, opening event planning and development of opening systems and special projects.
In August of 2015, Jenna received a promotion to Director of Promotions & Special Events.  In her new role, Jenna took the lead on Kings’ promotional programming (in addition to her numerous other responsibilities), a role in which she has continued to thrive to this day.  Effectively communicating and coordinating complex multi-venue, multi-department promotions and presenting them to our guests in a simple, fun and easily digestible format is a monumental task that Jenna tackles daily with grace and enthusiasm.   She’s simplified and systemized the process to the point where it’s a well-oiled machine. 
Through it all, Jenna’s true passion continues to lie in the development of Kings’ people.  She been instrumental in the development of Kings’ ever-growing marketing team.   She will always make time to connect with the stores to help develop ideas and looks at sales building in a new light with the teams.   She’s the last to ask for credit and the first to celebrate the marketing wins of Kings’ future leaders, knowing the importance developing everyone’s marketing skills and the importance of a consistent and healthy obsession with our guests and their satisfaction.
One of Jenna’s most admirable traits is her ability to see and understand a promotion from every department and create a systemized and smart approach to rolling out a promotion.  Jenna does not just dream up a promotion, she dreams it up and works tirelessly to develop every step and detail involved to see the promotion through to fruition.  Never afraid to change up a promotion or special event based on trends and feedback always striving to improve.  
Jenna’s next step in her career as Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Development.  The entire organization celebrates and appreciates Jenna’s successes and significant impact on Kings’ growth and the development of the brand that is KINGS. Jenna is a big reason Kings is what it is.  Her incredible passion for growth has been the reason for the company’s success.  Collectively we share an enthusiasm for her exciting future with Kings as she continues to be an unstoppable force who has only scratched the surface of her tremendous potential.
In her spare time, you may find Jenna participating in Tough Mudder competitions, experimenting with goat yoga (yes, it’s a thing), creatively and sneakily Snapchatting, awkwardly singing to country tunes or enjoying dinners with friends.
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