Meet Michél Johnson: General Manager of Kings Cool Springs-Franklin

Michél Johnson, General Manager at Kings Cool Springs-Franklin, Tennessee, was an old hat in the dining and hospitality world by the time he found himself at Kings: He describes himself as a “foodie” who had from a young age always felt drawn to food.
“I love to cook,” Michél says. “ I collect cookbooks. I’m all about flavors and textures.”
This eye for the culinary was ultimately what shaped his career trajectory: Before starting at Kings in 2018, he worked as a operating partner for a successful steakhouse chain with locations in Atlanta, Louisville and Nashville before finally working with a local company to oversee a bustling Italian restaurant. Yet something about Kings spoke to him in a way that he hadn’t experienced before.
“I think it was the excitement of what Kings had to offer,” Michel says. “The mix of private events, gaming, the Whiskey Room with live music - it was a lot more exciting than some of the places I was at before.”
‘We’re Hosting Someone’s Celebration’
Michél says he was looking for something more than the more buttoned up, straightforward restaurant world he’d spent so much time in. As some so experienced in hospitality, Michel was ready for a challenge - one that the unique day-to-day hustle and bustle of Kings Franklin offered.
“Every day is different,” he says. “At any point, we’re hosting a celebration. We’re hosting someone’s celebration. That’s important to keep in mind; since they’re stepping away from everyday life, you really have to make it special.”
‘Off the Scale’
Michél’s earnest-yet-thoughtful commitment to hospitality is truly his trademark: He’s the kind of guy who’ll excitedly tell you he’s ready to deliver service and hospitality that is ‘off the scale’; who will walk the entire 22 thousand square foot location every day; who will make sure each party and event gets executed perfectly, from A to Z. 
Yet even overseeing every major aspect of operations at Kings, Michel recognizes that his real strength lies with his team - not just their hard work, but their intelligence, their imagination and their everyday excellence. 
“As team members, whether you’re a dishwasher, a host, a server, anything: you have a voice,” says Michel. “That voice is so often encouraged, heard loud and clear here. Any a significant amount of action occurs because of that voice.”
Quality from the Bottom Up
Michél draws a sharp contrast with his previous employers and Kings: While he enjoyed the work he did before Kings - and certainly had a knack for it - he noticed that there was something about the culture of Kings leadership that manifested every single day in the high quality service.
“The quality doesn’t come from top down, it’s bottom up,” he says. “Everyone on that team has the ability to make a decision and take care of guests. We have fun and we’re always looking for ways to enhance that experience.”
To be continued... because our team's stories are always growing! 
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