Meet Mr. Christopher “Bizness” Barrows - Director of Systems Communication & Talent Development

Meet Mr. Christopher “Bizness” Barrows - Director of Systems Communication & Talent Development
After receiving his degree in Managerial Sciences at Georgia State University, Chris decided to move to Boston and begin his professional career, which at the time was in the finance industry.  Chris was introduced to Kings through a friend and began his career with Kings nearly 12 years ago as he started at the front desk as a host.  Chris was always hungry to learn more and would swallow up tasks efficiently, regularly asking to learn and take on more.  His nickname “Bizness” was given as he would absorb any task in the most logical way and complete it quickly and efficiently with little follow up ever needed.  He was all “Bizness”. 
Shortly after he started, Chris’s talent and work ethic were recognized along with a desire to succeed and grow, so the team kept feeding him more.  Chris was always coachable and would take feedback knowing he could only learn and grow from it.  Chris eventually moved into a leadership role as a supervisor with Kings and mastered all of the technical aspects of the job while learning the leadership traits needed to be successful.  Chris quickly excelled and moved from Floor Manager to Senior Floor Manager to Assistant General Manager in Back Bay.  In 2013 Chris became General Manager of the location where he started off as a host…a shining example of persistence and willingness to learn, be coached and grow into the role. 
In 2015, Chris’s next challenge was to run Kings Lynnfield as the General Manager and branch out from the City location that he had been in for years.  Moving to the suburban Kings location at MarketStreet in Lynnfield, Chris helped with one of the greatest transformations that our company has seen as he helped to set up a remarkable culture of great leadership, guest-focused service, discipline and ultimately financial growth in the Lynnfield team.  While doing this, Chris helped to grow and mentor many leaders as well as develop and plant some incredible seeds with those he led. 
While Chris was running Lynnfield, he was always raising his hand, getting involved in projects and taking on special assignments.  He was usually the first one asked to participate and offer his opinion on many programs that we have rolled out company-wide thanks to his experience and unbiased and thoughtful opinion.  Chris created a remarkable balance for himself between running his location and helping to shape the many routines, best practices and training devices we have in the company as he saw the value of being asked to be part of whatever committee he was invited into.  Eventually, thanks to the remarkable leadership team Chris was surrounded by, he was able to proudly crown Kings Lynnfield a “Training Location” and begin his curious involvement in the processes that help to shape the onboarding of our team. 
Chris moved from Lynnfield to Dedham, allowing his AGM, Mr. Brendan LeBlanc to grow into the General Manager role in Lynnfield and  to continue the incredible work they had started.  Chris embarked on a new mission in store number two in Dedham, MA.  Every move Chris has been asked to make has never been met with anything but positive optimism and a trust in his journey - a journey that has helped shape his process and helped him achieve his role today.   He let go of things that gave him comfort and did so with a trust and belief in the direction he was being led in.  When taking over as GM in Dedham, Chris did what he has always done and looked objectively at Dedham and searched for ways to improve and empower.  While doing this, Chris was asked to help with more management training in Dedham and was deeply involved in the training process improvement for the hourly program. 
As you look at most of the Kings Best Practices and “SOP’s”, you will see Chris’s name on most of these.  Most recently, Chris has been deeply involved in the rollout and implementation of the Kings “Core Culture Values”.  As a member of the Kings team that has helped to shape these, it was only fitting he be involved in memorializing them and became one of the committee members who had a huge involvement in the process, which to date, has been one of the most incredible, meaningful “Best Practices” we have ever rolled out. 
Chris embodies exactly what Kings looks for in a training leadership role.  He has written his own job description and title through his focused actions and support of the company and those around him.  Chris has a “Start With Why” mentality that he injects into the processes and also has nearly 12 years of Kings operations experience to back up his thoughts and decisions.  His entire DNA is about the logical support of those he works with and empowering his team to do better by explaining the “why”.  This process, along with a remarkable track record of successful wins and the fact that he never gives up when challenged, has earned him the title he has today - one that we so strongly believe in as we look at the future of our company and brand and continue to support the powerful team we work with. 
Chris is a shining example of the diverse greatness that makes up this company and has had such a resounding impact on many people that he has worked with over the years he been with us.  Starting as a front desk Host and working up to a Director role that now oversees training and systems development and implementation for the whole company is pretty impressive and another example of the Core Values that he helped to write.  Helping to build the company as he has is hard to put in words and we are forever grateful for all of the many sacrifices made, chances taken and the true belief Chris has had in our team and supporting each of us unconditionally.  We are all proud to work alongside great leaders like Chris and excited about the future of our company with an Executive like him supporting our teams. 
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