Meet Mr. Corey Hardersen, Senior Director of Operations, Kings Rosemont, IL

Corey joined Kings in 2018 as a General Manager with over 20 years of hospitality experience.  Corey earned his business and hospitality degree in Chicago and has been in senior leadership roles including for the last several years.  This includes a long and successful run with the Shodeen Hospitality Group, where he started as a manager and worked up to the role of Regional Manager with the group.  Before joining Kings, Corey was the General Manager at the Ovie Bar & Grill in Chicago where for over 4 years Corey helped to build and develop the business which included two restaurants and several kiosks in the busy Chicago area.  Corey resides in Chicago with his incredible wife Amy and young son Dylan who is the light of his life and both are huge fans of Kings!
Corey has a clear knack for people and understands building up his team and growing his business. Since his journey began with Kings, Corey has successfully grown the business in Rosemont, implementing several key processes and changes to the multifunctional, 30,000 square foot venue which houses a “Draft Room”, “Kings Bowl” and a “1Up Retrocade” all under the Kings Dining & Entertainment brand..  
When thinking of Corey Hardersen, a few Kings Core Values come to mind; mainly in the “Grow Yourself” category.  It is not easy to come into Kings not having started off in an hourly role as so many have.  Corey joined the company with a lot of great experience and never stopped growing himself.  There has never been a leader transition to Kings with such experience, yet so willing to let go of the past and not hang his hat on what he has done previously in order to adapt to the culture and be a champion supporter of the Core Values to those around him.  Corey is constantly educating himself and applies this education to his team and his goals in an effort to eliminate the illusion of knowledge.  Corey has remained wide open to feedback and craves honesty with any and all of his goals to the point that he has conquered many key milestones as a result of his ability to reflect and evolve.  
The next category is the “Take Risks to Solve Problems” Core Value that Corey continues to impress those around him with.  The sign of the best business person in the company is the one who can stand back and obsess about how they can make their business better by reducing friction for those they oversee.  Corey is a true “programmer” in the sense that he questions everything that seems inefficient and works hard to implement a smarter, faster, better way.  His belief in challenging the status quo to evolve has been one of the reasons for the growth of his venue and our company.  He is drafted into most committees because of his honest, focused and business-oriented perspective of things and also because he follows through with his ideas by converting ideas into reality.  
It is impressive to watch Corey be given a goal or a challenge and watch him work to achieve it.  Both personally and professionally, Corey has a methodical process to achieve goals by enlisting those he works with to get the entire team rowing in the same direction.  His persistence with goals and his ability to pivot when needed is amazing to watch.  Corey has a unique way to connect the dots as progress is being made to give clarity and a sense of pride and ownership to the team that he continuously champions as the reason for the success of his business.  
Corey has helped to grow Rosemont to a top-performing location with the assistance of an amazing partner and key supporter, Senior Manager, Ms. Christina Suntrup and Executive Kitchen Manager, Chef Enrique Estrada who along with the incredible group of leaders they work with have supported Corey since he started with Kings.  The team is growing their business and building a bench of incredible team members and future leaders that are focused, driven and hungry, much like the leaders they look up to.  
Corey has done an incredible job in Rosemont and brings a lot to our brand.  His growth has been amazing to watch and his future with the company is certainly a bright one.  Corey brings a business-minded diversity to our team and has become a shining example of how this diversity helps to grow a brand.  Corey’s trust in his journey has brought him to this point at Kings and it will no doubt continue as we grow our company.  It is an honor to have Mr. Hardersen part of the team.  
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality, apply to Kings today to get started.
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