Meet Mr. Paul Lindsey, Executive Chef, Kings Dedham MA

Executive Chef Paul Lindsey believes the keys to success are to ask questions and learn every day. It may seem surprising advice from an industry veteran of twenty years -- what more could there possibly be to learn? But the Team at Kings fosters and encourages curiosity, and it’s an environment that’s allowed Paul to thrive.
But Paul isn’t one to brag. (In fact, his primary other piece of career advice is to stay humble.) It’s only fitting, therefore, that it’s Kyle Lewis, Dining & Systems Development Manager, and not Lindsey himself, who says Paul has “influenced each Kings kitchen” in the Boston area.
Relationship building across the house
Kyle first met Paul in October 2017 at Kings Dedham, shortly after Paul was hired. He was immediately taken with Paul’s organization, and the structure he provided the kitchen and team. Kyle was initially hired as a chef and the two trained together for three weeks. 
“Communication, organization, development, and relationship building,” Kyle says, considering the greatest strengths Paul has brought to the Team at Kings.
Paul entered the industry as a host and busboy at a national franchise. “I worked my way up from all front of house positions,” Paul says about the start of his career. After one year, he was promoted to front of house management. One year later, his focus and curiosity led to another industry shift: “I wanted to learn more about the business,” Paul says. “I joined the culinary team as a Kitchen Manager.”
For the next sixteen years, Paul worked as kitchen manager, sous chef, and executive chef at various flagship restaurants across the greater Boston area, until he was approached by Jacqui Getz, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Kings. “The rest is history,” Paul says. For him, Kings represented an opportunity to work “with a growing company and a scratch kitchen.”
Even though he possessed an extensive background of culinary leadership, Paul credits Kings for challenging him in ways he’d never before encountered. 
“Kings has taught me it’s okay to make mistakes,” Paul says. “It’s how - and what - we learn from them that matters the most.”
A voice that matters
At Kings, Paul believes that, not just his own voice, but everyone’s voice matters. And that voicing your opinion can create tangible (and often delicious) results.
Paul was part of the Team that developed Kings recent menu revamp, which directly incorporated feedback from guests. Kyle, who worked alongside Paul on the new menu, notes that Paul’s influence can be felt throughout the Kings culture. 
Besides Paul’s work as a Culinary Manager for Kings, Paul is part of Kings’ “R&D committee” and helps to create, develop and test new dishes for the Kings menus.  Paul also plays a role in the development of training systems and processes that have helped to improve the culinary operations for the company.  
“He continues to help develop our culinary program through training new chefs and participating in research and development of menu items,” Kyle says. “Paul loves to teach and finds a way to share his knowledge both at work and as a friend. He has lots of wisdom and loves to share it.”
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