Meet Rachael Lamb, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings Burlington, MA

When you first meet Rachael Lamb, her genuine personality and enthusiasm for her team and Kings Dining & Entertainment get your attention right away.  Rachael started with Kings in September of 2018 but the impact she’s made in the locations she’s worked, it seems like she’s been with Kings for much longer.  For those who work alongside her, it’s her team player mentality and the fact that she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help in whatever aspect of the job or our business to ensure a memorable experience for our guests. 
Rachael was born on the beautiful island of Bermuda and lived there for three years before packing up and moving with her family to Acton, MA.  Rachael grew up in Acton, but her roots will always be on the island she visits frequently with her family.  It’s no wonder why Rachael has such a laid back personality and an easy ability to make the people around her and more importantly her guests and clients comfortable and happy. 
After graduating high school in Acton, MA., Rachael packed up and moved to Mississippi where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in Hospitality Management. During her college years, Rachael would spend her summers back in Bermuda where her family owns a resort. Her love for the hospitality industry grew as she learned many different aspects and how to keep their guests happy and satisfied.  With all the experience she had from the resorts in Bermuda, she decided to take her summer internship a bit further and went home to Boston for a summer to work as an on-board coordinator for Entertainment Cruises. There she learned the in’s and out’s of wedding planning, where she supervised wedding ceremonies and receptions and coordinated all details as the “middle person” between the bride and groom, and the cruise captain, wait staff and entertainers. 
Upon graduating from the University of Mississippi, Rachael moved back to Boston and leaped back into the hotel world quickly as a Sales Administrative Assistant for the Marriott hotels.  She was ready to take the experience she got from her summer internship with Entertainment Cruises a bit further in the event sales world. As a Sales Assistant for Marriott, Rachael was introduced to a complete sales process from administrative tasks, prospecting, brand marketing, entering and reviewing sales reports and studying sales analytics and much more.  She was a sponge when it came to learning new routines and processes for booking and ensuring all meetings and events were top notch.  
With all of Rachael’s knowledge fresh out of school and her experience in island resorts and entertainment cruises, the hotel world in Boston was lacking one thing that Rachael loved, and that was the high-volume entertainment culture that she was used to.  That’s when Rachael found Kings! Rachael applied for the Sales & Marketing Manager position at Kings Burlington in September of 2018 and interviewed with Brendan LeBlanc (General Manager at the time).  Brendan immediately saw that she was ready to grow and take her talents to the next level and after a short interview process, Rachael was offered the Sales & Marketing Manager position in our Burlington, MA location heading into the busy holiday season, and she was ready for the challenge! 
Rachael jumped right into the position with an eagerness to learn and a beginner’s mindset.  She trained with some of Kings top sales managers and took their knowledge and routines and made her own.  Her “sunny personality” as described by the Burlington sales team, always made for a positive work environment and projected out to everyone around her.  She had an easy way with our guests and always took the time to walk through each event from beginning to end, painting a picture of the experience they were about to have at Kings. Her patience with her team (at all levels) and our guests is what stood out to the leadership team with Kings, identifying her as a strong sales leader who was ready to take on more. 
In May of 2019, Rachael was given the opportunity to join the team in the Boston-Seaport location,  under the eye of Kings most tenured sales manager, Samantha Beaugrand, and the highest-volume location in the quickly growing area of Boston. 
Samantha was excited when asked how it’s been since Rachael joined the Seaport team, “I quickly saw how much of a team-player Rachael was when she joined the team in Seaport. She treats her colleagues like family and expects the same in return. In addition to that, she’s a true team player and goes out of her way to ensure our guests have nothing but an amazing experience with us!”
Rachael learned a lot during her time in Seaport and helped the team through a busy and successful summer and holiday season.  She's now back in Burlington where she'll be taking her leadership and high-volume skills to use with the team in their ever-growing venue as they continue to pilot new gaming and technologies for Kings growing culture. 
Rachael has many positive attributes that continue to assist in not only her personal growth but the team and cultural growth at Kings as well.  She has assisted the Sr. Leadership Team with many company-wide initiatives that have a direct impact on the growth of the company and is always eager to learn and take on more.  She has been an incredible asset to both the team in Burlington, MA and Boston-Seaport, MA and of course the entire Sales Team nationwide. 
When Rachael isn’t booking parties, working with our guests or empowering/helping the team around her, you can find her traveling and spending time with her friends and family.  She has a love for not only the ocean (how can you not spending most of your life in beautiful Bermuda) but also the mountains, where you can find her skiing the snowy mountains of New Hampshire in the cold New England months.  Along with her love of the outdoors, a fun fact on Rachael, her talents lie with any sport involving a stick!  Golf, Softball, Hockey, Field Hockey, you name it, she has a love of sports and competition and continues to stay active in social leagues and remains a great athlete (as long as it’s not soccer).
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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