Meet Roberto Aragão - Director of Creative & Technology Communications

Meet Roberto Aragão - Director of Creative & Technology Communications
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Roberto started his journey in graphic design/advertising in 1989, working as an art finisher trainee with Mocellin Advertising. Mocellin Advertising was an internal agency of one of the most famous Brazilian barbecue/steakhouse restaurants in Rio.
When Roberto was just starting his career, graphic design was entirely different as there was no computer or programs such as Photoshop to guide with the design layout.  He literally had to use paper and pencil to layout his ideas using collages and using Letraset to compose artwork suitable for graphic reproduction.  Once the artwork was done, a film was created to produce printing plates.
Years later, Roberto became involved in several graphic design experiences such as working as an account representative for a sign company, creating ads for the newspaper A Gazeta as a freelancer and later starting his own silk screen company.
In 1999, Roberto moved to Boston with his family looking for new opportunities and sure enough with his passion and talents in graphic creations, he started doing design work within the Brazilian community in New England.
In 2003 Roberto joined Kings Dining & Entertainment opening team as a food runner and then pursued other interests as he became absorbed with his first passion - graphic design.  
Over the years, Roberto would offer to get involved in special events graphics designs and helped to create promotional flyers and even website landing pages for Kings.  The projects went from a part-time hobby with Kings to a full-time job and in 2012 Roberto returned to Kings growing brand as Head Graphic Designer.  A year later Roberto was involved with the opening team of the fourth location in Orlando and would delve into the development of the Kings brand.  In the years that followed, Roberto took was involved in many projects from emerging promotions to menu design and nearly every promotional graphic that can be seen in the Kings venues.  
In 2015, Roberto began the massive undertaking of the brand new Kings website which launched in 2016, merging his knowledge of web development, search engine optimization and design psychology.  Shortly after this, Roberto was promoted to “Director of Creative & Technology Communications” with Kings and officially joined the Senior Leadership team for the company. As Kings continued to grow and evolve, so did the brand’s look and feel.  Roberto worked alongside Vice President of Marketing, Douglas Q. Warner and Senior Director of Marketing, Jenna Gabriel on the rebranding of Kings Dining & Entertainment’s establishing a new logo, look and feel of the new dynamic brand.
Between the website, promotions, menus, event materials, digital content and so much more, there is not much that doesn't pass through Roberto, who’s creative DNA has helped shape the look and feel of Kings both online and in store.  Roberto’s “I can do” attitude has been one of the reason’s the company has enjoyed such positive innovation as no task has ever been too big for him to try out.  
When Roberto is not working on new graphic art creations he enjoys finding balance and support in his life’s journey with the teachings of Shotokan Karate.  Roberto also enjoys studying the history of Japanese martial arts and Samurai history and spending time with his family.
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