Meet Ryan O’Sullivan, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings Back Bay, Boston

Ryan O’Sullivan is a people person and always has been.  He’s the kind of guy that will make you feel at ease in a conversation whether you’re happily exchanging quotes from obscure movies or stressed out while planning a big team building event for the office.  Blessed with an infectious laugh and positive energy, his disposition boosts the moods of his friends, coworkers and clients. 
Growing up in the small beach town of Madison, CT, a sense of community has been ingrained into Ryan since a young age, something that has no doubt driven him to a career working with people and has fostered a tuned-in sense of hospitality.
That career started as a line cook years ago, where he was quickly recognized by a regional manager as a standout and he was almost immediately moved to the “front of the house” where he would have the opportunity to interact more with guests.  From there, he progressed his hospitality career as a bartender where his social tendencies could really shine in the “unlicensed psychologist” role that so many mixologists take on.   He continued his advancement in the industry, entering the world of Marketing & Sales, selling and operating events and assisting with live music show operations in a large capacity, multifaceted venue. 
In 2017, Ryan began to reflect on his career and realized that he enjoyed what he did, but hadn’t yet found a place that shared his values, somewhere that he could call “home”.  Serendipitously, it was at that time that Ryan saw an article online announcing Kings’ new flagship location opening in Boston’s Seaport and decided to look further into the opportunity. 
He was immediately recognized by the Kings team for a unique energy, enthusiasm and intelligence.  “It just so happened when Ryan came in for his first interview, several members of our Senior Leadership were in-store that day”, explains Doug Warner, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. “After speaking with Ryan for a few minutes, each of us independently got up from that table excitedly knowing that we had to have Ryan join our team.”    
And join the team he did.  Ryan stepped into a Sales Manager role when Kings Seaport opened in October of 2017.  The opening of a restaurant is never an easy process, but Seaport provided a unique challenge as it opened to incredible attention and immediate volume in an up-and-coming area of Boston.  Ryan and the entire Kings Seaport team took the challenge head-on and turned that opening into the most successful in Kings’ history.   Between opening parties and the thousands of weekly visitors hosted at Kings newest location, Ryan’s hands were full and he became quick inducted into the team and immersed into the culture. 
With his “trial by fire”, Ryan grew quickly in his position and as a professional and recognized quickly that Kings isn’t like the other restaurants and entertainment venues that he’d worked at previously.   “The volume of events hosted at Kings requires commitment and passion, great communication, delegation and empowerment, and a constant devotion to self-improvement,” says O’Sullivan.  
Within a year, Ryan was recognized for his growing skill set and commitment to his growth and he was promoted to Senior Sales & Marketing Manager.  In his new role, Ryan would gain more responsibilities and get the chance to continue honing his sales and leadership skills.  O’Sullivan credits the move with “becoming a better ‘leader’ and ‘listener’ both personally and professionally”.  The enhanced responsibilities including overseeing a department and the planning and execution of promotions, special events and all off site events hosted in the city. 
Today, Ryan continues to bring his enthusiasm and social nature to his role in the Back Bay where his job is to show guests how Kings delivers a world-class dining and entertainment experience. On any given day you’ll find speaking with clients about the creative solutions that Kings can offer for a company event, or working with his team to develop new marketing strategies to drive new guests through the doors. 
He recently spearheaded the research and creation of a group tour menu at Kings Back Bay, intended for the many tourist and social groups who travel through Boston and need an efficient and delicious place to dine.  Ryan is also recognized for his mentality of “hand to hand combat” approach when it comes to sales and marketing.  He doesn’t simply rely on automation, digital ads or fancy flyers to drive people through the doors for him.  Instead will fight the old fashioned way to show the value of a “handshake and a smile” and to build genuine relationships that help create the same sense of community within Kings’ four walls that he grew up with back in small-town Madison, CT.
When asked what makes Kings different from previous companies he’d worked for, he simply remarked, “The Team!”.  “I’ve never before worked within a company that had such a strong bond from top to bottom.” 
It’s safe to say Ryan has found his professional home at Kings as an integral member of that team and continues to play a pivotal role in the growth of the ever evolving Kings brand. 
To be continued... because our team's stories are always growing!  
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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