Meet Samantha Beaugrand, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting one of Kings best and brightest: Samantha Beaugrand, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager!
It’s not often that Craigslist changes your life (for the better, at least). Samantha Beaugrand, Kings Regional Sales & Marketing may be one of the lucky few who can say that the entire course of her professional career was shaped by a simple job listing all the way back in 2003. 
“I saw an ad for Kings on Craigslist,” Samantha says. The listing was calling for servers to help open the very first Kings in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay. Samantha’s work experience up to that point had been varied, with stints in retail, hospitality, personal training, and sales. Looking for somewhere to settle in, the opportunity to work at the yet-unknown Kings intrigued her. 
“I had never been involved in opening a brand new venue, so I wanted to check it out,” she says. “Also, the concept of an upscale bowling alley seemed pretty cool!”
Joshua Rossmeisl, who was Sam’s General Manager and now Chief Operating Officer of Kings Dining & Entertainment described Sam’s salesmanship.   “Sam’s commitment to the guest has always been one of her strongest attributes.  Either as a server or a sales manager, she always had this talent. Sam has an uncanny knack of quickly understanding what a guest is looking for and getting it to them fast.  She has so much confidence from her knowledge of whatever she is selling, she gives you no choice but to trust her.  Not only can Sam sell just about anything, but she makes you excited to have it”. 
Knowledge is Power
Samantha applied and was hired as a server. Her confident, personable demeanor immediately became her defining attribute, with fellow Kings employees describing her innate ability to put guests at ease and make them feel comfortable. But for Samantha, this confidence belied a bottomless curiosity about the inner workings of Kings - something that she would soon realize meshed with the unique culture of the company.
“This was the first serving job that I was required to know every single thing on the menu, including the ingredients,” Samantha says of those early days on the floor. “That attention to detail really comes through in all aspects of the Kings culture. Knowledge really is power.”
This constant pursuit of knowledge proved fruitful for Samantha, as she quickly became an invaluable source of insight for new servers at the still-fledgling Kings. When Kristen Ripley, now Kings’ Senior Director of Events, started as a server in 2006, Samantha was tasked with training her on the floor.
“My first impressions of Sam were that she was smart - she knew the answer to every question I had,” Kristen recalls. 
Making Genuine Connections
Samantha’s intelligence and curiosity were what ultimately resulted in her biggest move within the company: After 6 years working as a server, she was given the opportunity to become the Event coordinator for Kings Boston-Back Bay - a role that would turn out perfectly suited to her detail-oriented nature and focus on guest satisfaction.
“Samantha has a way of making genuine connections with her guests/clients making them feel comfortable,” Kristen says. “She always works to find a way to make events special for her clients. Many of the clients Samantha works with have become close friends to her outside of Kings. She has a ‘guest experience first’ mentality and it shows in all that she does.” 
This would set off a domino effect as Samantha moved effortlessly through the ranks of event sales and coordination: After two years, she was promoted to Senior Event Coordinator, then Sales Manager. Finally, Samantha was tapped to be the Regional Sales and Marketing Manager - her current role. 
Along the way, Samantha (once again) found herself a trusted mentor and a critical source of knowledge.
“The Sales Managers that have trained/worked with Samantha in various locations always remark on how much they learn from her,” Kristen says. “Everyone always turns to her for advice on different approaches to get folks to book events, or how to make smart decisions with limited budgets.”
Like a Family
Samantha views her career at Kings as a byproduct of the company’s culture. Even in the early days as Kings was finding its legs, Samantha says that there was something innate about the company culture that rewarded her hard work and gumption.
“They want to promote from within,” she says. “It allows you the chance to succeed. You are nurtured to allow you to do that but in a challenging way.”
More than the challenge, though, Samantha points to the fact that what makes Kings what it is is the people who have come to define it.
“It feels like a family here,” says Samantha. “There is loyalty, hard work, dedication, passion, and want to promote from within. This allows so much personal and professional growth. There is a drive in most employees to succeed, and there are so many procedures in place to help you grow and expand. There are some amazing people in this company that you won't find anywhere else.”
When asked to offer advice to those looking to follow her path, Samantha offers her trademark mix of the practical and philosophical:
“Start your 401K as soon as possible!” she says playfully. “Take advantage of the passion, dedication, and knowledge around you. Learn and grow from it, regardless of where you want to end up.”
Are you committed to learning and growing yourself as part of an amazing team? Apply to Kings today to join the family!
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