Meet Taylor Cormier, Director of Operations, Kings Lynnfield

Every great story has a protagonist who is on a journey.  On that journey, they are challenged by obstacles where they are pushed to their limits.  This results in the protagonist learning, adapting and growing.  Anyone that knows Taylor, and her unabashed love of Star Wars, knows that she loves an epic story.  Much like a young Jedi, Taylor’s journey has not been without struggle and the struggles she has faced have only served to make her stronger.  Always passionate and competitive, she actively sought out mentors that she could learn from that would help her succeed on her journey.
A native of North Reading, Massachusetts, Taylor’s path in the hospitality industry started in college when she worked at both PF Changs and Joe Fish while going to school at both Salem State and UMass Boston where she studied Kinesiology. 
Be Obsessed with People
Taylor’s journey continued to Kings Lynnfield where she began as a bartender at the beginning of 2015.  She was quickly a star bartender on Lynnfield’s busy “C-Bar” where she was a fixture running “point”.  Her energy and ability to build regulars earned Taylor the respect of her peers in short order.  She had a genuine interest and connection with her guests, proven by the fact that many of her regulars still come in to see her.
After becoming a fan-favorite behind the bar, Taylor began paving her own path to leadership.  She started by supporting beverage admin and inventory duties which led to taking the initial leap into leadership in the Lynnfield, MA location.  From here she spread her wings as a leader moving from Lynnfield, MA, to both the Dedham, MA and Burlington, MA locations. With each step along the way, Taylor forged loyal relationships by truly connecting with her team, constantly asking questions and growing herself.  While in Burlington, working closely with her Director of Operations Brendan LeBlanc, Taylor really took it to another level (literally), becoming a Senior Leader within the store.  She embraced both Brendan and Senior Beverage Director Jen Fitzgerald as mentors and leaders she modeled herself after - and both Brendan and Jen admit that her growth was a pleasure to witness.
Taylor’s growth can be directly traced to her embodiment of the Kings Culture Values.  She is always raising her hand to get involved and support any promotion or idea asked of her.  Whether it is doing outreach with one of our street teams, developing a drink special, or rallying the troops for a themed trivia night, Taylor completely immerses herself in any project.
Take Risks & Solve Problems
Within the Culture Values at Kings is a favorite saying: “It’s okay to break the rules (just not the law). You are empowered to make the best decisions”. This raw passion and hyperfocus would occasionally get Taylor in “trouble” as she would sometimes break the rules to make her guests happy or solve problems.  Her journey was not “easy”, as nothing worthwhile ever is.  However, over time, the mistakes Taylor made were unknowingly fueling her growth.  She truly understands that it’s not our mistakes that define us, but it’s how we choose to grow from them that do.  Her single-minded passion for projects always evolved into an appreciation of the bigger picture.  Her passion, competitive nature and obsession with people grew into empathy and a source of loyalty from her team.
Grow Yourself
Perhaps one of Taylor’s most impressive attributes has been her ability to be “coached” and never typecasting herself as one type of leader.  Watching her growth over the years from where she started to where she is today is most motivating as we watch Taylor’s growth continue.  
Taylor’s passion and perseverance have gotten her this far and will continue to serve her as her story continues.  Those that work with Taylor benefit from her continuing the tradition of mentorship that she’s embraced - making genuine connections with her team and never missing an opportunity to coach and bring energy to any situation.  Her journey continues…
When Taylor is not working, you can find her vacationing in Nova Scotia where she spends a lot of time working on her family's fishing vessel. Her other favorite yearly journey is down to Florida to visit her dad and were making a trip to Universal Studios and enjoying beignets at Disney are among the biggest highlights. Ask her about her competitive paintball accolades, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter… you’ll see how much passion she has and she will prove that when she’s into something, she’s all in!
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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