Meet Wesley Young, Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings Burlington, MA

When you meet Wesley Young, she will instantly put you at ease.  It’s no wonder why in her over a decade of time in the restaurant industry she has excelled through each adventure she’s taken.  She is the type of person who will sit back and listen before putting a plan in place, or beginning to create a wonderful event.  Her ability to listen and then paint a picture and create a memorable experience for guests is what has helped her grow within the Kings family, and it’s just the beginning…. 
Wesley (Wes) Young was born and raised in Coventry, RI where she lived with her family and attended high school before making the move to Boston, MA for college.  She now considers herself an adopted MA resident, staying in the city throughout her time at Wentworth Institute of Technology and after.  Wes studied Architecture with a concentration in Design & Research before graduating in August of 2009.  After college, she took a small break and worked at a few restaurants throughout the city as a server before beginning her search for a career.  Little did she know at that time, her small break is what led her to her true passion and an incredible career that’s she’s currently still building. 
Wes grew from server/bartender to Manager, to Assistant General Manager in just a few short years at her restaurant job in Boston's Back Bay.  She led a team of great servers and bartenders and learned the in’s and out’s of the restaurant industry.  After excelling in each position, her passion for events started to develop, so she left Whiskey’s Smokehouse for a role as a manager at a popular event space in Boston.  There she continued her duties as Floor Manager, but had the chance to explore the event planning world, overlooking the events, social media and marketing for the company before her yearn to return to the city became too much. 
It was then that Wes decided to join the Kings team in July of 2015 as a server in our original location in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay.  At this time, Kings had just 6 locations and was on the verge of growing and Wes was eager to get involved.  As a server, she took her expertise of leadership and event planning and was instantly admired on the floor, helping with training, event execution, and much more.  It wasn't long before Samantha Beaugrand (Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager of Boston) took notice and asked her to join her in the events office a few days a week to shadow and assist her.  One thing that Wes reminds herself of daily is, “say yes to every opportunity, even if it makes you nervous. You never know what you might enjoy (or not enjoy) until you experience it. Take time to decide your career path and make confident choices and follow your instincts”.  With this mindset in place, she decided to take advantage of this opportunity and spent a day or two each week in the sales office with the Boston Sales Team over a few months. 
Looking back on when Wes joined them in the sales office, Samantha gushes “She had a great attitude and fit into our ‘culture’ right away.  She is very smart and picked up on everything really quickly, so much so, that we wanted to steal her for sales office early on, but at the same time, we didn’t want her to leave the floor as she was one of our top servers and someone we could really rely on to ensure excellent event execution”.   It didn’t take Wes long to realize the type of culture she joined was one she was in search for.  She realized that the positive environment and the support from each team member was something that was prominent in the culture and would feed everyone’s growth mentality. 
“I have never been told that something is a bad idea. The mantra “It can only suck once” is used often and gives everyone the ability to think creatively” was something that Wes reflected on and allowed to drive her growth.  Soon after she started spending time with the events team in Boston, she was offered an opportunity to join our Burlington Sales Team as a Sales & Marketing Manager.  After joining the team in Burlington, the teams soon merged and she began to overlook the sales & marketing for both Burlington, MA & Lynnfield, MA along with 2 other Sales Managers.  Wes and her team are one of our top-performing teams and have grown to work effortlessly together.  
In addition to guiding guests through the many amazing event packages and space options that are available at Kings, along with painting a picture of a memorable, fun and entertaining event that these guests are sure to have, she’s working with the management team to create experiences for families and groups of friends who join us as well.  She has spearheaded the marketing efforts and patio parties for all venues who have outdoor spaces to advertise that our patios are dog-friendly. 
In mid-2019, Wes was asked to lead our growing company of multiple venues spanning the country as the “Sustainability Coordinator”, helping to improve our Kings Cares™ “Green Team” initiatives to become a better company within our communities and our planet.  This new role is not a small one, but Wes hasn't let that hold her back!  She took on this new responsibility with grace and still continues to throw amazing parties for her team in Burlington, MA where she is based out of currently.  
In February of 2020, Wes earned her amazing promotion to Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of Kings in Burlington, MA.  Her work ethic and the way she balances her daily responsibilities, and the projects and additional tasks that have been handed down to her over the years have proven her to be an amazing leader.  In addition to leading the Sales Team, spearheading the companies Sustainability program, Wes was recently added to the "Kings of the Future" committee where she's helping each department to evolve our venues in the many areas she has experience (serving, sales, sustainability, and design).  She continues to be a great asset to the Kings Team, and her journey continues!
When Wes isn't booking corporate events, throwing fun parties, or helping our company “go green”, you can find her spending time with her boyfriend, Doug and their two dogs Nala & Koda!  They enjoy exploring trails and parks in the area when it’s not too hot, and riding bikes!  Want to know her hidden talent?  She sometimes can visit Target and only buy the items she went in to purchase (how many people can say that)!? 
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality,  apply to Kings today to get started.
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