Meet William Colbert-Sanders, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kings Franklin, TN

Recruiting, developing and empowering a talented and motivated team is part of our Mission Statement here at Kings.  William Colbert-Sanders is an outstanding first-hand example of developing a talented member of our team.  William made Kings history back in March 2019 when he made the transition into the Sales & Marketing Office from his position as a line cook in the kitchen, being the first internal promotion from the heart of the house into the Sales & Marketing office in Kings history.
William hails from Homewood,  Alabama and his path led him to Middle Tennessee University where he earned a degree in Leisure, Sport & Tourism studies.  While attending college, William took his first job in the hospitality industry as a line cook as a way to earn extra income while in school.  From there, he was offered a position as a line cook at a popular music venue/event space in the heart of Nashville, where his talent was quickly recognized and he was promoted to Sous Chef.  Soon after, in January 2019, William’s journey with Kings started as he was drawn to the culture of the company in his first interview.  During the interview, the Kitchen Manager emphasized the Kings culture of promoting and developing from within and he was attracted to the opportunity of not only helping to grow the brand, but the opportunity to grow himself along the way.  
After accepting a position as a line cook at Kings, William quickly demonstrated strong leadership skills in the kitchen and was put on a track to complete management training as a Culinary Supervisor.  During that time, William completed his degree and started thinking about other facets of the hospitality beyond the kitchen he had always known.  William, having a genuine passion and interest in sales & marketing, made a deal with the Sales & Marketing Manager at the time - he would make her whatever she wanted for lunch each day if she would teach him one thing about the Sales & Marketing position.  Both held up their promises and William took his learning to action when given the chance to participate in outreach by visiting hotels and being part of off-site events.
Eventually, in the spring of 2019, a Sales & Marketing Manager position opened up in the Franklin location. William, always being one to raise his hand to get involved, expressed interest as he was itching to use his newly earned degree and the new-found knowledge he had gained in his daily “lunch barter” with the Sales & Marketing Manager.  Beyond that, William was excited about gaining experience in the guest-facing realm of the restaurant and hospitality world.  William soon began training for the Sales & Marketing position - and although he admits that it was challenging to adapt to a new position - it has also been incredibly rewarding as it has given him the confidence to step out of his comfort zone.  William has now been in the Sales & Marketing office for almost a year and watching his growth has been nothing short of incredible.  He is one to always put the feelings and needs of the guest first and has a genuine understanding of the importance of fostering positive relationships across all positions within the venue. 
“William has an outstanding action muscle and drive to be successful at whatever he sets his mind to.  Humble and honest, he’s open to feedback and any information given to him is taken and applied.  His ability to see the bigger picture and understand the small steps to get there is admirable.  His teamwork in regards to assisting the venue in literally any position is impressive as well as a rarity. He doesn’t look at any position as less important as the other and equally tries to support them all.” -  Corey Simpson, Director of Operations of Franklin, TN.
William has been an incredible asset to the team in Franklin and possesses a natural ability to recognize a need and generate a plan to meet it.  When asked his favorite part of working in the hospitality industry, William responded, “I love the guest interaction! The smile on a kid’s face after they just had the time of their life makes it all worthwhile. It’s even better when the kid is breaking out of its adult shell.”  Whether you’re looking to come in for a date night, celebrate a birthday or reward your team for a job well done, William makes it his personal mission to guide you through the process and ensure you have the time of your life.
When William is not hard at work making memories and selling fun at Kings, he can be found working out or playing soccer, enjoying concerts or professional sporting events or spending time with his wife, Kelsey, and their two dogs on the lake or at the dog park.  Fun fact: William is quite the well-rounded individual - having been a member of the Alabama Youth Orchestra for four years, playing timpani drums in the percussion section! 
Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality, apply to Kings today to get started.
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