Obsessed With the Guest: Meet Kings Burlington Server Alana Carroll

For Kings team members, 2018 has been known as “The Year of Guest Obsession” with our company’s energy and efforts focused on ways to improve and optimize the experience for our guests.  With all company initiatives aligned in this common focus, one of the most exciting and important is the “OWG” awards program in which Kings’ leadership team recognizes notable and impressive acts of guest obsession with a pin and a signed letter.  Every three months, we hold a live webcast awards ceremony for our “OWG” pin winners to further recognize and give away some big prizes.  Meet the most recent ceremony’s top winner, the very deserving and incredible Alana Carroll.   
Meet Alana 
When describing what it means to go above and beyond when taking care of a guest, Alana Carroll - server at Kings Burlington and recent recipient our most recent quarterly “Obsessed With the Guest” raffle prize - cuts right to the core of putting someone at ease.
“I call all my guests my best friends,” Alana says, laughing (careful, that laughter of hers can be infectious). “I say, ‘You’re all my best friends in the whole entire world, so what are we celebrating?’ That’s the big thing that I’m known for at Kings. I treat guests like we’ve been friends for 20 years.”
She’s not just blowing smoke either: Her naturally warm personality and boundless positive energy instantly makes you feel like you have something to celebrate, even if it’s just getting through another long day at work. Her friends and colleagues all point to her as a shining example of the kind of customer service that makes Kings so special and welcoming. 
Where You Want to Be
Alana’s journey to #OWG win started the first time she stepped foot in Kings. Before being hired, she had spent a few years staying home and take care of her family. It was at a party for one of her friends, also a Kings employee, that Alana felt an instant connection to the Kings atmosphere.
“A friend of mine was having a 40th birthday party at Kings,” Alana said. “The music was going, the people were just so fun. I called my friend the very next day and said ‘I love it there, that’s where I want to be.’”
Alana applied and was quickly hired as a server, where her fun-loving, outgoing attitude shined through. For Alana, working isn’t just something you have to do, it’s something she wants to do
“This is what I enjoy doing,” she says, “I enjoy coming here. I look forward to it. I think people can tell if you are working because you ‘have to’ or if you’re loving what you do.”
When it came time for Kings to give out the #OWG award recognizing the team members who up the ante when it comes to serving the guest - and brings with it a grand prize of a JetBlue flight for the winner and a guest to anywhere, 3 night paid hotel stay, spending cash and a fully paid shift - Alana certainly as deserving of the many of the candidates in the running. In fact, when her OWG grand prize win was announced, the other team members eligible for the award told Alana flat out that they were pulling for her.
“Everyone that night, from my past managers to co-workers, came up to me and said, ‘I couldn’t have picked a person who deserved it more.’”
Alana says that it’s that kind of recognition of above-and-beyond commitment to serving the guest that makes Kings such a special place to work - and it was the recognition that moved her the most.
“Honestly, that meant more to me than winning the trip,” she says. “That was my biggest prize out of that night.”
More Than Just a Prize
For Alana, being recognized with the OWG award meant more to her than just a prize and a long-weekend getaway. True to who she is, she sees the award as an opportunity to make someone who needed some cheering up happy.
“When I was given the award, I had just had a family member get a bad diagnosis, bad news,” she says. “I asked them, ‘If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go?’ They said they’d never seen the Grand Canyon. I hadn’t either, so I decided that’s where I’d take them.”
Of course, “It’s doesn’t hurt it’s pretty close to Las Vegas,” Alana says with a wink. 
Think you have what it takes to deliver unparalleled service and turn a simple night out in a celebration for our guests? Join our ever-expanding team of guest obsessives and you could get a chance at winning a trip!
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