Rachael Vallie, Director of Operations, Boston-Back Bay, MA

Rachael Vallie, Director of Operations at the original Kings location in Boston-Back Bay, is a native of New Hampshire, where she attended school in Nashua, New Hampshire. Following graduation, Rachael found herself pulled into the hospitality industry due to her natural ability to connect with people. She soon started at Chunky’s Cinema & Pub which allowed her to dive head first into learning the restaurant industry. Being a unique and multi-purpose concept, Chunky’s gave Rachael a well-rounded education in hospitality as she learned about executing private events, comedy shows and of course movie showings. Unknowingly, the skills she learned while at Chunky’s would come into play a little later in her career.

Be Obsessed with People
From the moment Rachael Vallie joined the team in Lynnfield as a front desk host in 2014, the team around her knew she was a natural-born leader and that quickly came to light as she grew within her role at the front desk, also known as “ground control”.

In her time at the Lynnfield, MA location, Rachael worked every position at Kings including “Wait Assistant”, Server, Bartender, and the front desk “Dining & Entertainment Specialist” role. Rachael mastered anything and everything that came her way and her outgoing personality turned guests into instant raving Kings fans during what some would consider being routine guest connections.

Grow Yourself
Rachael opened the Burlington, Massachusetts Kings location as a supervisor. Pulling from her previous experience at an upscale movie theatre, Rachael helped to launch the “Crown Studio” in Burlington which was a unique, 50-seat private screening theatre, working to introduce new, innovative processes and promotions to help bring awareness and success to this new concept. Given her previous experience at Chunky’s Cinema and Pub, Rachael was a natural, acting as the Crown Studio’s “Theatre Manager”. Following some big wins within the concept, Rachael was then promoted into the leadership team and eventually became the Assistant General Manager in Burlington. Soon after, she accepted another challenge head on - opening our Boston-Seaport location in 2017. Rachael played a big role in the successful and smoothest Kings opening in history and further emerged as a leader in the organization.

Take Risks & Solve Problems
In 2018, Rachael was asked to move to the Back Bay Location as the Assistant General Manager to help inject the culture, pride, and passion she brought to every location into the “Original” Kings location. With zero hesitation and an abundance of intrinsic motivation, she signed up and moved down the road to work with the team in Back Bay. About nine months after moving to Back Bay, Rachael was promoted to Director of Operations of Kings’ very first flagship location. Most impressively, she required no “carrots” to make the move from Seaport to Back Bay and focused on what she could do to grow herself and those around her, rather than what was in it for her.

Over the years, Rachael has worked on many projects, with many leaders, her most current project teams her up with leaders both in the Massachusetts locations and other locations outside of this state, helping to make some of the systems we use today more impactful. Rachael is among the first to not only raise her hand to help contribute to the growth and projects that we use today, but she is also one of the first to get her team members motivated and refocused on the job at hand. Rachael was the chairperson of the “2020 North Star Committee”, which is a coveted group that helped to decide and shape the operating initiatives for the company for the year 2020. She was drafted into this role because of her persistence, amazing ability to reflect and incredible insights into what we needed as a brand to help improve our operations. Rachael was a huge asset to the team’s contributions.

Rachael knows where she started with Kings and has never forgotten that. While she has the title of Director of Operations, if you ask anyone who has the pleasure of working with her, they will tell you it is her charisma, positive attitude, teamwork and drive that make her leadership style so special. Always known as the cheerleader in every venue she has worked, Rachael has a way of rallying the troops, standing toe to toe with them in any situation and formulating the game plan where everyone is involved. Racheal trusts in her journey and is always working to help plant seeds of growth for those around her.

When Rachael isn't working, you can find her hanging out with her family - she loves spending time with her nieces and nephews and loves a funny joke! When she’s not spinning the “Wheel of Fortune” she loves reading books and taking trips to fun places. Although a huge Vikings fan, she was able to cross off Super Bowl from her bucket list, attending the Super Bowl to see the PATS take home #6. She also enjoys time at home in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

Do you love to connect with people and learn what makes them happy? Are you looking for a supportive, team-oriented environment with plenty of room for you to grow? If you have the drive to challenge yourself and deliver the goods when it comes to hospitality, apply to Kings today to get started.
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