Sitting on the Throne: Start Your Career at KINGS

Tired of that liberal arts degree gathering dust? Looking for an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a thriving quality- and service-forward team? Be part of the royal family at KINGS!
KINGS has always made it a point of pride to seek out the most creative, talented and driven folks to fill out our team. Whether it’s a dishwasher, front-of-house manager or a top level executive, we are looking for people who have a hunger for greatness and an eye for innovation. More than that, we want people who are looking to transform, a simple job into a career they love and enjoy! 
 Start Your Career at Kings Dining
With the opening of our new Seaport location in Fall 2017, we’re launching the signal flare. We’ll be hiring for ALL positions, including door greeters, hosts, managers, servers, bartenders, barbacks, line cooks, chefs, dishwashers, event coordinators, mechanics, and more! Looking for a chance to work at one of the hottest dining and entertainment destinations on the east coast? RSVP for our hiring fair, hosted at our Back Bay location and select an interview date here!
Want a taste of what it’s like to work for KINGS? Check out this video, straight from our newest location in Doral, Florida!
‘If Work is Fun, It’s Not Work at All’
It’s this commitment to excellence and growth in our people that has shaped KINGS from the ground up. The majority of our senior leadership has been with the company for years, starting off as bartenders, servers, hosts, managers and bar-backs. Through hard work and diligence, they’ve ascended to roles as general managers, regional managers, marketing managers, trainers and company directors.
One of these Kings of KINGS is the Senior Floor Manager at our freshly opened Doral location, Steven Bradley. Steven has been with the company for years and has worked at nearly every store, hopping all over the country to help get new teams up and running. Yet even he fell into the KINGS family almost by accident.
Start Your Career at Kings Dining 02“I drove from San Diego to Boston randomly for a job that ended up falling through,” Steven says. “In a new city, 3000 miles away from San Diego, I visited KINGS Lynnfield with my brother, at which point I fell in love with the Kings concept.”
After a successful interview, Steven says the rest was history: He began to work in Burlington, before moving on to work in Dedham, Lynnfield, Rosemont, Lincoln Park, North Hills and finally landing in Doral/Miami. This, Steven says, has served in a crash course in how to run a successful restaurant and gaming establishment.
“Starting off as a host, I really learned the basic operations of the business,” he says. “Nine months later, I was promoted to an event coordinator by the time Burlington re-opened.”
Along the way, Steven saw the company grow and transform dramatically, yet all the while retaining the charm and “all hands on deck” spirit that attracted him to KINGS in the first place.
“The culture is what really sets this restaurant apart from any others,” Steven says. “Doesn't matter what your position is, everyone is fully hands on, and the support from the corporate team is unmatched.”
Having settled in Doral, Steven speaks proudly of his KINGS experience, and even more proudly of the people he’s worked with along the way. Unparalleled staff retention, skyrocketing customer satisfaction, even conquering adverse events like fires, blizzards and hurricanes -- Steven has seen it all, bringing an unshakable positive attitude and boundless energy. But what fuels him, Steven says, is the spirit of opportunity and fun that is the everyday at KINGS.
“We work at the best dining and entertainment venue in the world,” he says “If you can't have fun working in this environment, you probably can't have fun at anything in life. If work is fun, it's not work at all. I am motivated by the opportunities this company has given me, and for the many more to come.” 
Want to see what Steve is talking about and begin your own journey? RSVP to our hiring fair to take your first step to a rewarding and fun career at KINGS! 
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