Kings debuts first 'Who Knew?' video ad, check it out!

Who knew that Kings Bowl could help make your next team-building event so much fun?

What will you discover about your coworkers at your next Kings Bowl team building party?

Ever wondered what hidden talents Jim in human resources may be hiding? Think Traci from account management has a few tricks up her sleeve? Or how about Mr. McAfee, the CEO? I bet he's got a few surprises...
If you're stuck in meetings and cubicles all day, you may have no idea about the hidden depths that your co-workers hold. That's where Kings Bowl comes in! By holding your next corporate team-building event at Kings, you give your co-workers and staff the opportunity to let lose and show off their hidden talents! Take Daryl, the star of our most recent video campaign, for example:
WHO KNEW Mike from down the hall was a certified pool shark? Or that Samantha bowls a perfect game, every single time! How about Betty, knows all the words to "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"?
Whether it's part of corporate retreat, Holiday party or just as a reward for a successful quarter, Kings offers the opportunity for everyone to loosen their ties and see the best - and most fascinating - aspects of the people they work with every day.  
WHO KNEW that the fun, interactive environment at Kings could help your staff feel closer and more at ease? WHO KNEW that Kings offers gourmet food a cut above your average steakhouse or restaurant? WHO KNEW that the top-notch entertainment options, refreshing cocktails and exemplary customer service allows people to break out of their shell and have fun in a different way to create a stronger team?
More than that, WHO KNEW that team building could be so much fun? You'll never know... unless you book your next team-building party today! Head to KingsBowlAmerica.com to learn more!
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