6 Tips to Ensure A Memorable Office Party... That Everyone Actually Remembers

6 Tips to Ensure A Memorable Office Party
For everyone who has slogged through the past 12 months, the end of the year office party can seem like an exciting prospect: an opportunity to blow off steam, loosen the neckties and get down with your co-workers. Heck, remember a few years ago when the boss bought everyone rounds of jello shots and Karla in accounting tried to fax a potted plant?
...no? You don’t remember that? Maybe you can conjure vague recollections of office parties in times gone, but chances are if your memories have a few “FOOTAGE MISSING” scenes, you might have overindulged - and you are probably not the only one.
This year, fewer companies than ever before will be serving alcohol at their holiday parties, and for good reason. Office parties featuring open bars are ripe for going overboard and embarrassing yourself or someone else - if not worse behavior. 
The key factor at play that turns tetottelers into unhinged party animals is that, scientifically, it’s near impossible to have just one drink. Researchers have proven that drinking, even in moderation, suppresses the specific neurons that regulate self-control. When the dopamine D2 neurons get deactivated, the voice in your head that says “hey, let’s keep it to one drink, we have an early day tomorrow” gets replaced with “THIS FEELS GREAT, POUR ME ANOTHER ONE, I’M A GOLDEN GOD,” and the cycle becomes almost impossible to stop (let it never be said KINGS never taught you nothing!).
With the binge drinking and wild behavior that previously might have just been considered “embarrassing” yet par for the course are now no longer tolerated, offices parties are increasingly under scrutiny. But that doesn’t mean that your end of the year blowout can’t still be a blast - with or without booze. Here are a few simple tips to make this holiday party one to remember - LITERALLY.
Load Up On (Award-Winning) Food!
One of the best ways to stay in control and feeling good is to get a belly full of hearty food to help soak up some of the boozy bevs. A rich, balanced meal will slow the absorption of alcohol into your system and help prevent a hangover the next day. At KINGS, we offer award-winning treats and entrees perfect for getting a good base coat going to a holiday throwdown: from hand-stretched pizzas, fresh salads and towering burgers all the way to Nashville hot chicken, Ginger Soy Glazed Salmon and baby back ribs, we have the fuel to keep you going.
2. Fiji is Your Friend!
Maybe not the mountain (have you seen that thing? It’s hella big!) but the bottled stuff. Staying hydrated is the key to health and happiness, and making sure to have a glass of water alongside each alcoholic drink you take down will go a long way to ensuring things don’t go off the rails.
3. Take a Game Break!
Part of what compels us to overindulge is simply boredom: People drink reflexively, sipping away at the cocktail in their hand just to pass the time. Instead of just mindlessly guzzling and praying that the hours pass quickly, put down the drink for a minute or two and have some fun! The bowling, billiards, shuffleboard and other amazing games at KINGS makes it easy to distract yourself from the potential awkwardness and boredom and just get lost in the festivities and fun - no booze required.
4. Shots! Shots! Shots? Maybe Not! Not! Not!
We didn’t want to be the one to tell you this, but you’re a grown-ass person. This isn’t college, no one needs to funnel cheap swill from a second story staircase to show what a good time they’re having. Sure, it’ll get you drunk faster, but is that even fun? There’s no shame in having a refined - and delicious - cocktail or a local craft brew instead of downing shot after shot. In fact, with a menu of crafty cocktails and bodacious beers, KINGS is the perfect place to actually drink for pleasure, rather than the just to get you uncorked.
5. Grab a Discrete Mocktail
While we’re at it, there’s no shame in not drinking at all! Whether it’s just a soda, a mocktail prepared expertly by our bar staff, or a frosty and indulgent milkshake, the point is to have fun and do you! Don’t give into peer pressure and drink just because everyone else is. Drink because you want to, or don’t. We don’t judge ;) 
6. Learn From the Mistakes of Office Parties Past
If you need a sobering reminder - literally and figuratively - of the importance of moderation, consider digging into the digital archive of the Holiday shindigs of yesteryear. Let’s just say, if a “picture is worth a thousand words,” some of the candids from the office parties of yore might be mostly four letter words. Maybe it’s time to make some new memories that you feel good showing the grandkids one day.
The goal of a office party isn’t just to loosen some ties, it’s to strengthen the bonds between coworkers. At KINGS, we strive to make things fun and exciting - with or without a drink in hand. With endless options when it comes to top notch food, games and service, KINGS is the perfect spot to host your next get-together. Get in touch with a KINGS event planner today to learn more.
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