No more stuffy steakhouses: Putting quality on the menu at Kings

Every meal at Kings is a chance to exceed expectations
We've all been to a work function at one of those traditional steakhouses. Maybe following an industry conference or as the reward for a big sales month, heck, maybe just to celebrate Karla from accounting's birthday.
Whatever the occasion, the environment remains the same: the low-lighting, the fraying and stained carpeting, the stilted service, the limited dinner options or ability to order off-menu. As everyone studies the menus around a large, circular table with linens that haven't been updated since the place opened, you'll probably notice a wave of awkwardness and trepidation wash over your employees' faces: Sam is a vegetarian, Tim is gluten-free and Dorothy just wants the potatoes to not be so darn bland. Who would have thought that a free meal could be so grim?
"Why not host your next event at a bowling alley?"
Traditional steakhouses' stalwart warhorse - if not especially innovative - approach to dining has long made them a favorite of corporate event organizers. But for managers trying to unite a team over a good meal, the stuffy ambiance can pose a challenge. What might be ideal for your grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary might not exactly fit the bill. Why not host your event somewhere with great food and a fun, vibrant atmosphere?
Yes, we are talking about hosting your next event at a bowling alley.
Not your average bowling alley fare

We know what you think of when you picture bowling alley food: Hot dogs slowly rotating under heat lamps, microwaved mini pizzas, nachos with the squeezable cheese. This is why Kings has set out to create our unique, award-winning menu featuring hand-crafted, executive-chef designed meals tailored for any taste and palate.
When we say "award-winning," we mean it: The food at Kings has been recognized as best-in-class nationwide by food writers, critics and customers. Our menu has drawn culinary accolades and awards from OpenTable, TripAdvisor, USA Today, Time Out Magazine and many more. The Boston Globe specifically called Kings "...the only bowling alley I'd go back to just for the food."
Customization and accommodation

All the food we serve at Kings is made from scratch and our event menus are customized, making it easy to accommodate any dietary restriction or preference.
Looking for vegetarian options? We have plenty: From Fried Mac & Cheese Bites to Mini Wild Mushroom Tarts to Apple, Brie & Honey Bruschetta.
Gluten free? No problem, we have a variety of options, including hand-tossed pizzas made with our gluten-free dough.
Food allergies? Just let us know and we'll tailor our menus and make sure that no food is prepared with or alongside the offending ingredient.
Nothing as an afterthought

The key to the quality of our food and drink is that, unlike your traditional bowling alley or event hall, nothing we serve is an afterthought. We put time and consideration into every aspect of our dishes and see every meal we prepare as a chance to exceed expectations: from the cage-free eggs we use to make our Bacon Sriracha Deviled Eggs to hand-tossing the dough for our signature pizzas.
Every meal is prepared by real people, under the supervision of our trained executive chefs. At Kings, we strive to create an unforgettable experience that will make your event a hit - one that employees will be recounting for months. From our signature lanes and games, exciting and contemporary cocktails to the tailored menus of award-winning food, Kings can make your next corporate event one to remember. Contact us today to find out more.
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