Throwing an office holiday party (that won't get you fired)

Shake off the holiday blues with an office party at Kings Bowl!

Ahh, the humble office holiday party: The perfect opportunity as the year draws to a close to celebrate a job well done (or at least several weeks without any onsite maimings). With so much peace and goodwill in the air, you might be surprised to see how quickly an office holiday party turns from fun and festive to grim and awkward. 
Maybe it's something about the way that partying in the same place where we punch the clock day-in and day-out makes us feel that causes things to go off the rails. You'll see the same people you see every day milling around, picking gingerly at the chips and dip, trying desperately to come up with something besides work to talk about - assuming people even bother to show up. 
This year, why not skip all the onsite office party malaise and relocate the holiday festivities to somewhere actually festive, like a Kings Bowl? Here are the top reasons why hosting your corporate holiday party at Kings is sure to be a hit - and keep you from getting fired.
1. Plenty of entertainment options
It's a simply fact of life: People go overboard when they get bored. Ties get loosened, tongues start wagging and before you know it the head of HR is ruining the office's potted plants. At Kings, boredom is never an option. Between our trademark bowling lanes, shuffleboard, skee ball, pool tables and omnipresent HDTVs tuned into your favorite sports, entertainment and more, every possible taste is represented. We dare you to try and get bored! With plenty to do, people stay focused on the fun and good times to be had, rather than try and guzzle their way to a better time.
2. No office equipment that can be broken or used in unsavory ways
Even though everyone has agreed to never speak of it again, we all remember what Larry did with the All-In-One Printer-Scanner-Fax at last year's holiday party. #NeverForget
3. Office bonding 
More than just pushing aside a few chairs in the same old office space you spend every day in, an excursion to somewhere off-site can really liven things up while bringing everyone in the office together. A little lively competition on the lanes and games is more than just fun - it's actually a great team building exercise! By having an office holiday party at Kings, you'll be giving everyone the chance to play and have fun together, strengthening interpersonal bonds and facilitating communication. You could actually be setting up your business for a more productive New Year!
Nothing like games and lanes to bring the entire office together!
Nothing like games and lanes to bring the entire office together!Nothing like games, lanes and refreshing adult beverages to bring the entire office together!
4. Gourmet food and refreshing beverages
Forget rolling the keg into the office or replacing the water in the bubbler with vino: Kings has a rotating menu of delicious hand-crafted cocktails, fresh and ever-rotating beer selections. From the wicked and fruity Delilah to the grown-up soda fountain indulgence of the Screaming Cherry Coke, our menu will keep you refreshed and having a grand old time.
Still, it's only right there should be food as well. How about gourmet, executive-chef designed food? Skip the sad-looking veggie dip platter you got from the local market - Kings specializes in helping you design your own corporate event for groups of any size, with a menu that features fresh and funky takes on classic dishes. With our vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, we can always accommodate a variety of dietary needs and preferences.
The key difference between your office and a Kings Bowl - among many - is that the Kings' atmosphere is designed for fun and creating an unforgettable experience. With the holidays coming up fast, it pays to book your office party or corporate event at Kings: Your employees - and your office plants - will thank you for it.
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