Tips for beating your boss at bowling (without getting fired)

Surefire ways to avoid getting the boss steamed when you start beating them at bowling.
Surefire ways to avoid getting the boss steamed when you start beating them at bowling.
Outside of the pros, most people have about the same level of experience and skill when it comes to bowling - making most "wins" a delightful combination of luck and circumstance. This is why bowling can be the perfect fun, low-stakes team-building game: an opportunity for employees to talk, laugh and socialize amidst and upscale-yet-comfortable environment. 
While everyone you work with probably loves a night full of games, good music, exemplary food and refreshing beverages, some people take office outings a little bit more seriously than recommended. If your boss seems... let's say, a little competitive when it comes to team-building games, it can put you in a bit of an awkward situation if you start winning.
To avoid getting your boss hot under the collar and risking picking up some extra assignments the next day, consider these time-tested strategies:
When your boss throws a gutterball, loudly exclaim, "These lanes must be tilted or something!
In reality, Kings' 10-pin lanes have maintenance workers supervising operations all the time and are professionally certified, up to the standards of the Professional Bowlers Association for league play. But your boss doesn't need to know all that right after they really whiff it.
Blame your good fortune on your lucky rabbit's foot
It may help ease the sting to attribute your natural bowling superiority to a simple twist of fate. If you don't have a rabbit's foot - or just find it disturbing to be carrying around a severed bunny paw in your pocket for good luck - feel free to substitute a lucky penny, socks, haircut or subway card as the reason you are really cleaning up.
Say you were bitten by a radioactive bowling ball
While a fool-proof method of explaining your preternatural talents on the lanes, be forewarned that this excuse may only raise more questions: How did that bowling ball get to be radioactive in the first place? Does with great power come great bowlibility? Do bowling balls even have teeth? Is the masked vigilante known as "Pin-Man" hero or menace? And so forth.
Distraction, distraction, distraction!
Starting to feel the heat from all your wins? Don't just throw down a flash bomb and disappear into the night! Suggest a change of focus: Outside of bowling, Kings has other games like billiards, air hockey and skee ball, along with plenty of TVs to distract your boss from the crushing defeat you just heaped on them.
At Kings, we welcome everyone regardless of skill level to come, have a good time and build community spirit. Our goal is to create a truly memorable, customized experience for all kinds of corporate events - making a bowling alley into the fun and social hub it used to be, updated for modern times. To book your next corporate event at Kings, contact us today. 
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