Why you should book your holiday party before you choose a Halloween costume

Being a classic Cool Boss™ is no easy task - it takes hard work and dedication to walk that fine line between ‘laid back and fun’ and ‘getting it done.’ Luckily, we at Kings have put together a handy ‘Cool Boss™ Checklist’ to help you nail that perfect mix of chill and in charge.
Kings ‘Cool Boss™ Checklist’:
  • Uses lots of fun GIFs in intradepartmental emails (preferably from “The Office”).
  • Toys and collectables carefully arranged around your desk (still in original packaging, might need them to supplement the 401k one day).
  • Cartoon character printed ties. Lots of them.
  • Totally chill about cutting out a few hours early on Fridays (you know, once that important expense report is submitted).
  • Thinks ahead when it comes to planning blowout office parties/hilarious Halloween costumes.
That last item is particularly important, though before you start raiding costume shops in search of that perfect, pun-tastic Halloween getup, stop for a second and take the long view: Forget about Halloween, it’s time to be thinking about booking your office holiday party.
Less Costumes, More Carols
We know: It’s almost absurdly early to start thinking about the holidays/Christmas/New Years Eve and the like. They say that Christmas Creep comes earlier every year and it’s not like we’re looking forward to hearing what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas on Labor Day (here’s a hint: It’s you). Heck, you think Frosty would be down with this heat we’ve been having? He’d end up a soggy top hat next to some produce. 
Seriously though: If you really want to get those critical cool points, it pays to be ahead of the curve and a real forward-thinker. Summer will be over before you know it and, while an award-winning Halloween costume is nice, the reward - whether it’s wowing your co-workers or impressing your own boss - is fleeting compared to booking a killer Holiday party.
An Office Party for the Ages
No matter what you may have learned from Michael Scott, being beloved as a boss isn’t always about being a loveable goofus decked out in a rented, poorly-ventilated gorilla costume. It’s about making memories with your colleagues and putting together parties they want to attend simply for the fun of it (not just rubberneck at a car wreck). 
To do this, ask yourself: Where would your coworkers want to hang out on their off-hours? What do they really look for in a party?
If you’re wondering how to answer these questions, it’s your lucky day: we’ve got another checklist for you, one that almost anyone and everyone can agree on:
Elements of an Amazing Office Party
  • Great food.
  • Refreshing beverages.
  • Activities and entertainment.
  • Room to get down and boogie.
Pretty simple right? We should know, we’ve basically written the book on how to throw an awesome office party.
At Kings, it’s easy to get all of those things in one place - plus top notch service and the ability to completely customize your party in almost every way imaginable. That way, instead of putting your efforts towards the party planning yourself, you can rely on our experts to get it all together for you. When party-time rolls around, you can sit back and enjoy, and maybe even flex some of your cool cred by being a gracious loser when your co-workers beat you on the lanes. 
Booking Sooner Rather than Later
If you’re going to go big, booking a holiday party well in advance is the move. It’s almost never too early to lock down holiday party plans, so if you’re going to be spending time making any office party or team building event a smash, getting the ball rolling on the big holiday part is the best use of your time. 
And hey: Wear whatever wacky cartoon tie you want to the office holiday party. It’s easier (and more dignified) than a gorilla suit. 
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