‘Refined Fun’: Meet Kings’ Revamped and Refreshing Cocktail Menu

You can call us #thirsty, but at Kings, we’re never satisfied until we can offer our guests the best. That’s why, a year after the rollout of our new menu of classy, classic cocktails, we’ve refined and revamped our beverage menu to fully embrace premium ingredients, unparalleled attention to detail, and crowd-pleasing recipes.
Classic Cocktails, Done the ‘Kings Way’
“This is the most refined menu shift that we’ve made in quite some time,” says Jen Fitzgerald, Kings' Director of Beverage Operations. “We took a cue from the incredible response we got when we revamped our beverage menu and tweaked each recipe to be a riff on a classic, done our way.”
With guests raving about Kings’ take on time-honored cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Margaritas, and Mai Tai, the goal wasn’t to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we focused on just upping the ante by finding small yet important ways to make each drink more than just a cocktail - it’s an experience. 
That Lovin’ Cup
When you order a drink from our new beverage menu, the first thing you’ll notice is the loving attention to detail we put into our glassware: We’ve swapped our basic glasses for carefully designed glassware that matches elegance with ergonomics - or, to put it another way, these cocktails feel great in your hands.
Kingstini Kingstini
Half Gallon Mai Tai 1.5 Gallon Mai Tai
Old Fashioned Old Fashioned
Cold Brew Martini Cold Brew Martini
“All our martinis and effervescent cocktails will be served in a specially designed coupe glass,” Fitzgerald says. “We’re also serving whiskey-based drinks like our Old Fashioned and Revolver in an etched rocks glass. It’s got a great weight to it and it’s the perfect way to enjoy quality whiskey.”
Just in case you think we’re going too highfalutin, don’t worry: We’re still in the business of pleasing the crowds. If you and a gaggle of your besties are rolling in thirsty, we’ll be offering a gallon-and-a-half Mai Tai - served in a beautiful, large-format vessel and garnished with an entire pineapple top, perfect for sharing. And speaking of garnishes…
Garnishes Galore
Of course, you can’t offer premium brand name liquors as the base for our cocktails - including Bulleit Rye, Makers Mark and the newly imported Japanese Roku gin - only to build your cocktail with sub-par mix-ins. We’ve embraced a fresh, refined take on our beverages by shaking up (no pun intended) our mixers and garnishes. Take for instance:
  • Our Manhattan, now made with herbaceous amaro, with dashes of walnut and black cherry bitters.
  • The Cold Brew Martini, now topped with a specially made Oreo rice crispy-biscotti, for the perfect little after-dinner treat. 
  • Fresh fruit juices and syrups, now made with natural sugar, in drinks like the Mai Tai and Mojito. 
  • We’re adding dehydrated in-house fruit, including pineapple and blood orange, to several of our juice-based cocktails.
The goal is to have our mixers and garnishes exchange the rather than distract from the cocktails, offering clean, fresh flavors that will serve as a stage for top-shelf liquor. 
“We’ve got something on our new menu for everybody,” says Fitzgerald. She’s not joking: Even if you don’t drink alcohol, we’re offering ‘Zero-Proof’ mocktails, made-to-order with the same high-quality ingredients and garnishes as our cocktails, just sans the booze. 
Feeling parched after all this?  The updated menu rolls into your closest Kings location on Thursday, February 28th.  Make a reservation at your local Kings Dining & Entertainment to experience the refined fun of our new cocktail menu!
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