5 Reasons to Catch the Madness at Kings

The Madness has arrived, and in the words of his holy funkiness (Rock in Peace): Let’s go crazy!


Don’t let the elevator bring you down

Don’t let the elevator bring you down.


This March, Kings Bowl is pulling out all the stops as we help you embrace your inner madman. If you’re looking for the best spot to watch the games, trying to get away from your local humdrum sports bar, or just you need a break from carefully crafting your brackets, Kings is the place where the mad munch, mingle and marvel at all the entertainment options and gourmet-inspired food we have to offer. Here are the top 5 reasons why Kings is your can’t-miss Madness of March destination.


1. HDTV Screens That’ll Make Your Phone Jealous


Is that Josh Hart or Lonzo Ball that just made that assist? If you squint and turn your phone sideways, it could even have been Nigel Williams.


HDTV Screens That’ll Make Your Phone Jealous


Forget about tweaking the brightness as you stream the games on your phone: Every Kings location is equipped with dozens of widescreen HDTVs and best-in-industry sound, making it the perfect place to catch every shot, foul and assist. Whether you prefer to hang by the bar and tally up points or keep an eye on the game as you shoot a few rounds of pool or skee ball, you don’t have to look far to catch a glimpse of the action. Even our bowling lanes are equipped with HDTVs, so never miss a minute.


2. The Sweet, Savory (and Sometimes Spicy) Taste of Victory


Are you crushing it with your bracket this year? This calls for a celebration! Exalt your impending victory with an order of Kings marinated, jumbo lollipop-style wings!


There’s nothing better than watching a game on the big screen with a plate of crisp, delicious wings. Our fresh, never-frozen wings are cooked to order and available in an insane assortment of flavors, including:

  • Buffalo
  • Korean BBQ
  • Honey BBQ
  • Spicy
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Baked Honey Garlic
  • Thai Peanut
  • Sesame Ginger
  • Spicy Asian Teri-Dactyl
  • Baked Caribbean Jerk

Each is served with a distinctive dipping sauce and available in orders of 6, 12 or a sampler platter of 18. These wings are nationally renowned and award-winning, so even if your bracket isn’t looking so hot, you can still feel like a winner.


3. Mammoth Mugs of Ice Cold Beer


Did we just say there’s nothing better than watching a game with an order of wings? Scratch that: There’s nothing better than watching a game on a widescreen HDTV with an order of wings and a tall, frosty mug of beer.


Mammoth Mugs of Ice Cold Beer


Kings Bowl is known nationwide for our giant 32 ounce mugs of ice cold beer, with each location featuring a rotating lineup. We purposely limit our brew selection to less than 30 options that will turn over quickly, so you’ll never get stuck with a funky, stale beer.


Looking for something a little harder to celebrate your victory/ease the pain of defeat? Our new crafty cocktail menu features inspired boozy creations for every palate!


4. Room for the Entire Pool to Have Fun


Whether you’re part of a friendly neighborhood league or an office pool, Kings has the space, the food and the fun to turn an evening game into an unforgettable event. Even if you aren’t a basketball fanatic, a little head-to-head competition can be a great way to catch the spirit. That’s why, all during the Madness this March, Kings will be offering special Office Madness add-on for events!


Perfect for fostering team spirit, when you book your Office or Team Madness event at Kings, all attendees will be added to a custom bracket and go head-to-head on the lanes. Two lanes for your event will be designated for the Madness, with each person in a one frame matchup. The winner will be awarded a Kings Bowling Pin with the initials of all vanquished challengers - a much more inspiring trophy than a boring old “Employee of the Month” plaque.


“Yikes, Jim is really letting the game go to his head. He’s calling himself the MAD KING OF KINGS!”


“Yikes, Jim is really letting the game go to his head. He’s calling himself the MAD KING OF KINGS!”


Click Here for additional information. Be sure to include "Office Madness" in the additional information!


5. Take Out Your Frustrations on the Pins


It’s hard watching your carefully selected bracket take a nosedive - especially when the luck of the draft means that you could be losing to a NCAA newbie. Instead of firing off a nasty email to Harold in Accounts Receivable (that smug S.O.B.), why not bowl a round to get all that bad juju out? Just picture the face of your pool-mates on each pin and knock them down one by one. It’s quicker than therapy! 


The tournament and the month are almost over, so what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about how Kings can’t be beat when it comes to the Madness of March!


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