5 Things to Do AFTER (or instead of) Black Friday Shopping

Your alarm clock is set for 11:59 pm on Thursday. You’ve got caffeine at the ready to shake you out of your turkey-induced lethargy. You’ve got a plan, you know exactly what’s on everyone’s lists. Your outfit is laid out on the bed; simple, form-fitting and fortified against anyone looking to start scrapping with you over that last discount 4K Ulta Hi-Def V. This is the moment you’ve been preparing for all year: Black Friday.
We all know how the allure of those rock-bottom post-Thanksgiving deals can turn us into superstore aisle warriors. As you prepare to claw and scratch your way to steeply-discounted holiday nirvana, it can feel like there’s no light at the end of the Black Friday tunnel. But don’t despair - and for the love of Pete, don't neglect your self-care! Here are a few soothing, satisfying things to do after the dust has settled on Black Friday:
1. Take a Nap
Duking it out over bargains can be exhausting. If you’ve been up and in line at your local department store since the wee hours of the morning, be sure to give yourself time to rest and relax post Black Friday mayhem.
2. Start Wrapping
You’re on a roll! If you find that after all the shopping you still have the energy, why not get started wrapping presents for your family and friends? It’ll save you time once the December holidays roll around and thwart your nosy kids looking to get a sneak peek of Santa’s impending haul - or at least give them something mysterious in the back of the closet to obsess over for a month or so. 
3. RSVP to Those Holiday Parties
Whether there’s a work shindig coming up or Kurt from down the street is throwing his annual Yuletide mixer, Black Friday is a good time to get your holiday affairs in order. Why not pull a Jolly Old Saint Nick and make a list of all the naughty and nice parties you’ve been invited to? Of course, unlike that goodie-two-shoes Mr. Kringle, you be more interested in paying a visit to the naughty side of things than the nice…
4. Watch Your Favorite (Questionably) Holiday Themed Movie
Sure, you could stream a little Jingle All the Way or The Santa Claus, but considering you’ll have plenty of time for holiday programming once December rolls around, why not relax after Black Friday shopping with one of those movies-that-take-place-during-Christmas-but-aren’t-really-a-Christmas-movie? There’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Nightmare Before Christmas (is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Debate it with your friends!), Batman Returns, Gremlins, Home Alone (1&2) and scores more. Just don’t be one of those guys who tries to argue Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Nobody likes those guys. 
5. Enjoy an Activity with Your Family
Even if you just got your blood boiling by wading through the deals online, you earned the chance to blow off a little steam. Why not make a Dine Then Bowl reservation at your local Kings? Once you arrive, you can put aside all the planning and fiangling you had to do to cross off all the names on your Christmas list and leave the rest to us for an unforgettable evening of delicious food, fun and entertainment. 
A scratch kitchen serving up gourmet, shareable bites from an ever-evolving seasonal menu? Lanes and games galore? Towering beers served ice cold and crafty cocktails inspired by classic recipes? Top-notch service with a staff that is downright obsessed with the guest? Yep, we have it all and are ready to help you unwind and have a little fun after all the Black Friday frenzy has died down. To secure your spot on our nice list, book your Kings reservation today!
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