Party Like It’s Dos Mil Diecisiete: Cinco De Mayo at Kings

 Who’s ready for a fiesta for the ages? Kings Bowl is flipping the script when it comes to Cinco De Mayo, offering our guests a truly unforgettable experience that’s more fun than shaking a  pair of maracas
cinco de mayo 01
“What do you mean, ‘truly unforgettable’?” you say. “Ever Cinco De Mayo is unforgettable! I mean, just last year we went to… uh…  That place… And we… had fun? Maybe? It’s a little fuzzy…”
cinco de mayo 02
Gee, I wonder why...
Hey, we know that things can get a little jumbled when you’re out partying with your amigos. Instead of just throwing back shots at your local vaguely Mexicano watering hole like every year, why not making it a night to remember? Here are the top reasons to spend Cinco De Mayo at Kings:
1. The FOOD (Muy Delicioso!)
This Cinco, the chefs at Kings have whipped up a real fiesta of flavor, offering a special menu of scratch-made, Mexican-inspired cuisine available from May 5 to May 7. Check it out: 
cinco de maio menu kings
That’s not even all of the delicious gourmet options from our regular menu of genuine, homestyle food!
2. Refrescos galore!
What would Cinco De Mayo be without some frosty refreshment? 
cinco de mayo 03
This totally chill dog knows what I’m talking about…
From crafty cocktails featuring inspired flavors to ice cold, always-fresh cervezas, if you come thirsty to Kings, we’ve got you covered. Some of the cocktail highlights include:
  • The frozen Bad Habit, featuring tequila, margarita mix, and strawberry and mango flavors.
  • Sangriento, a kicked up bloody mary with a dash of wasabi!
  • Caliente, a mix of sweet strawberry and spicy serrano. 
  • Fresco, clean and crisp flavors of tequila, cucumber, basil and fresh lime.
  • Finally, the very special Cinco De Mayo Big Ball Margarita, featuring Jose Cuervo, strawberry, peach and lime.
Of course, if you plan to roll deep and are looking for something classic to share, we’ll be offering our famous margaritas in a variety of sizes - from our 16 oz Little Ball for one to the 60 oz Big Ball for two or more.
3. Primo Sound
Sure, you might be missing out on getting serenaded by mariachis. But our killer DJs, playlist of unbeatable hits, party photographers and best in industry sound from every seat in the house mean that every minute of your Cinco celebration is going to be a blast - even without the oversized guitars and Grequeado suits.
cinco de mayo 04
We tried to book mariachis, but turns out this guy beat us to it. 
4. Why Wait To Have Fun?
cinco de mayo 05
Every Cinco De Mayo turns into a scramble to secure a spot at your spot at your local watering hole - and when you get there, it's so crowded you can barely move! At Kings, we believe that a night out should be mucho fun and poco waiting around, being elbowed left and right. That’s why, with our Eat Then Bowl reservations, you can book a dinner then be moved to the front of the line when you want to hit the lanes and bowl a few frames. 
Of course, this isn’t touching on our wall-to-wall HDTVs, table games and top-notch service. So this year, make Cinco De Mayo a party you won’t soon forget!
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