Debate Bingo – Making Bingo Great Again!

Close the laptop and hop on over to Kings for Debate Bingo on October 19!

Left, right or center: Watching the debates at King is a choice we can all get behind!

Are you like Ken Bone and undecided this political cycle? Looking to take a break from your family screaming at each other on Facebook over deleted emails and failed real estate deals? Close the laptop and hop on over to Kings for Debate Bingo on October 19!
Debate Bingo - Nothing Rigged Here, Donald!
Every Kings nationwide will feature a live telecast of the final debate on its 40+ HDTV's with full sound - you won't miss a single interruption or sniffle! You wont have to worry about "technical difficulties" when you're watching from the comfort of Kings Bowl!
We'll be giving out Debate "Bingo" Boards, filled with colorful catch phrases each candidate has made famous (or infamous). It's going to be "yuuuge" fun as you play along during the debate with bingo boards for prizes while enjoying the culinary and beverage prowess that has turned heads since 2002 – a prowess supported by each Kings winning TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence Awards and OpenTable Diner's Choice Awards in 2016.
"I'm With Wings" or "Make America's Fingers Sticky Again"?
"I'm With Wings" or "Make America's Fingers Sticky Again"?"I'm With Wings" or "Make America's Fingers Sticky Again"?
As though choosing the next leader of the free world wasn't enough Kings has another decision for you: What flavor will reign supreme? That's right, we're hosting our own National Decision 2016 and asking our guests to choose their favorite seasonal favor of our delicious (Ken) Bone-in chicken wings! These exclusive flavors join our already award-winning chicken wing lineup and include:
  • Kung Pao
  • Garlic Parmesan Rosemary
  • Spicy Thai Peanut
  • Korean BBQ
  • Sesame Ginger Wings
Throughout election season, hungry guests are encouraged to vote for their favorite new flavor at VoteKingsWings.com. The wing that is democratically elected will be inaugurated into Kings' next menu in early 2017, with the winning wing being announced Election Day. This is a choice that all of America can get behind!
Those who have cast a vote will receive FREE WINGS (four of the winning flavor wings per guest, eat-in only) come Election Day. Make sure to check out VoteKingsWings.com for official details. Don't wait on trying out all the different flavors because after January 1, the only way you can relive your memories of other flavor candidates is with the pictures you took on your disposable camera. 
Seasonal Drinks: 'Change to Imbibe In'
Politics driving you to drink? Don't worry: Kings has also made sure that, even election doesn't go your way, that there will be plenty of seasonal libations. Apple Cider Sangria captures the essence of the fall with a mix of spice and sweet, is available by the glass or pitcher for sharing with your delegation (just be careful - our generous pitchers may make your hands look small). We've also added cocktails with a bit of heat to spice up the rest of the menu, including the Jefe - a spicy, smoky concoction with a hint of ginger and fresh lime - as well as the Maestro - Kings' savory and smoldering take on a classic Bloody Mary.
Whether left, right or center, at Kings, we welcome wings of all kinds and want to make this election season fun! 

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