Don't get 'Stump!"-ed: Have fun and win big at Kings Trivia Night!

Here are a few little trivia tidbits that could potentially help your team take home the gold at the next Stump! Trivia night.

Have your friends and family long ago grown tired of you endlessly spouting factual minutia at the drop of a hat? Are you looking for a forum where all those forays down the Wikipedia rabbit hole are seen as valuable credentials, rather than a crippling addiction?  Perhaps you're out to prove you're just as smart as the Amazon Alexa thing you got for the holidays? Or are you looking for an escape from the rolled eyes and muttered disapproval every time your clarify that, actually, Frankenstein is the name of the scientist, not the monster...
You, my friend, are in luck! Every Monday at Kings Bowl locations across this great nation is Stump! Trivia night (check your store's promotions page to see if they have Trivia night)! Starting at 7 p.m., your random knowledge will reign supreme as groups of 2-6 players complete in an epic battle of intellectual ephemera to win great prizes like bowling, Kings rewards cards, gift certificates and COLD, HARD CASH!
Even better, once a month our standard Stump! Trivia night becomes a "themed" trivia night, with bonus questions relating to a particular subject. From holidays to Marvel super heroes to Star Trek, all your laser-like focus on learning the names of every actor who has played Godzilla over the past 60 years is about to come in handy (or not, no promises). Even if you don't know the top selling Canadian album of all time (here's a hint: "You Oughta Know" about this intense songstress from our neighbors to the north) the great food, drinks and all the entertainment options of Kings makes this a cut above your average pub trivia night. Grab a group of friends and come to Kings for a night of fun!
Need a jumpstart to get those brain juices (eww) flowing? Here are a few little trivia tidbits that could potentially help your team take home the gold at the next Stump! Trivia night:
Snakes on a stick
The symbol made to represent the medical sciences is called the staff of Asclepius, the ancient Greek demigod of medicine, healing and resurrection. The Greeks considered snakes to be sacred creatures, with their ability to shed their skin symbolic for medicine's ability to fight sickness. Of course, tell that to Asclepius who, after earning the arbitrary ire of Zeus (as was the style at the time), was struck down and turned into the constellation Ophiuchus, or "the serpent bearer."
'Take yer stinkin' claws off me, you damn, dirty chicken!'
Forget about Planet of the Apes: There are currently roughly three times the amount of chickens in the world than people. With a whopping 19 billion chickens alive today, the time is now to prepare to the inevitable poultry insurgency that will one day call all the chickens home to roost (no pun intended). 
As of 2016, there have been nine actors who have played Batman, going all the way back to 1943. While Ben Affleck is the latest to assume the mantle of the caped crusader, Christian Bale currently holds the record for having played the character in the most feature films. Don't believe me? It's true, I swear to god--
Someone needs to tell this guy about Ricola...
The una-peal-ing truth: Bananas aren't fruit
Since banana trees are considered scientifically to be herbaceous plants and bananas lack seeds, bananas might more easily be classified as herbs than fruit. In other news, EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN TAUGHT IS A LIE AND NOTHING MAKES SENSE. 
Giraffes: a vampire's dream 
Giraffes are known to have the highest blood pressure out of any animal (aside from my dad after I told him I was getting that MFA in poetry). Their heart needs to be exceptionally powerful to overcome gravity and pump blood all the way up their long necks. Maybe now I'll be able to get my TV pilot "Dracula Safari" picked up!
Ice, ice baby
Prior to gameplay, hockey pucks are frozen to limit bounce and enhance glide. This same performance-enhancing strategy is significantly less successful if you substitute Klondike bars. Trust me. 
With topics ranging from science to history to to sports to pop culture and entertainment, Stump! Trivia at Kings Bowl is a blast no matter what you're interested in. To RSVP for an upcoming trivia night, CLICK HERE