Kings' NFL Wings Special and the Return of Sesame Ginger Wings!

NFL Blitz? More like NFL BLISS!

Just in time for NFL season, Sesame Ginger Wings are coming back!

NFL Blitz? More like NFL BLISS! As part of Kings Bowl's celebration of the start of football season, we're offering a menu to make your NFL viewing party a slam du... I mean, TOUCHDOWN! 
As part of our NFL specials this year, starting in early September, we have a new, incredible WINGS menu, including a 24 chicken wing/tender sampler platter, where you can choose up to four flavors (6 wings/tenders of each).
Why settle for one flavor?
Why settle for one flavor?Why settle for one flavor?
Is your mouth watering yet? Oh, it gets better. In addition to the variety of wing flavors we've always featured on our traditional, award-winning menu, Kings is proud to announce the return of our famous Sesame Ginger Wings! Back by popular demand, this fan favorite was a staple on our menu since 2003 before being recently benched for a temporary suspension. However, after months of guests begging us to lift the ban (as well as seeing "Free Ginger Wings" T-shirts popping up), Ginger Wings are making their triumphant return, flanked by a team of delicious, limited time new flavors just in time for the start of NFL.
Joining Sesame Ginger wings in our 2016 Season Lineup are:
Current Wings Flavors:
  • Plain                                                                
  • Buffalo                                                              
  • Honey BBQ                                                                    
  • Spicy Teri-Dac tyl                                                              
  • Baked Honey Garlic                                                                      
  • Baked Caribbean Jerk
New Featured Wings:                                                                 
  • Garlic Parmesan Rosemary Wings with Marinara Sauce                                                                    
  • Kung Pao Wings with Wasabi Cream Sauce  
  • Spicy Thai Peanut Wings with Coconut Lime Basil Sauce                                                     
  • Korean BBQ Wings with Carrot Ginger Sauce                                                                  
  • Sesame Ginger Wings with Spicy Soy Sauce
As always, our chicken is locally sourced and never frozen, and all our signature flavors are made in-house, designed by our executive chefs.  Each wing is "frenched" with the meat pushed up the bone, so each an every wing in like a delicious wing lillipop.  Enjoy a platter alongside a frosty pint - or giant mug - of our rotating beer and drought selection and signature cocktails while you watch the game in a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.
Now that's what we call a fantasy draught pick!
Now that's what we call a fantasy draught pick!Now that's what we call a fantasy drought pick!
Between our many big-screen, high-definition televisions and projector screens, sports score and news crawl and our trademark selection of games and tables, your Sundays (and Mondays, and Tuesday, and Wednesdays and so on...) just get a heck of a lot more fun. 
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