Meet Ashley Fitzpatrick, Senior Director Of Team Training & Empowerment

Ashley Fitzpatrick, Senior Director Of Team Training & Empowerment
Born in Boston and raised in Dedham, MA, Ashley’s professional journey began when she relocated to NYC to explore the world of dance.  She studied Classical Ballet and Modern Dance at one of the most prestigious dance academies in the country; Broadway Dance Center.  Ashley was very privileged to attend master classes taught by world famous choreographers such as, Nathan Trice, Ronald K Brown, members of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and more.  Her passion for dance taught her many life-long skills that would pave-the-way for her professional career with Kings Dining and Entertainment.  Dance taught Ashley discipline, creativity, perseverance and the rewards of hard work.  While attending school full time, Ashley worked in the service industry in New York.  
When Ashley returned to Boston from New York, Ashley began her career at Kings in 2009 as a Server in Kings’ 2nd location, Dedham, MA and was part of the opening team. It was quickly noted that her passion and patience for working with others was a talent that rapidly evolved into global training for all of the Kings and she was promoted to server trainer.  
In 2012 she was given the opportunity to help open Kings 4th location in Orlando, FL.  Being part of the opening training team in Orlando was an opportunity that Ashley took to heart as she worked around the clock to ready the team for what was one of the most successful openings to date.  
Ashley always had a passion for Kings and for training, but this opening only intensified this passion and helped inspire Ashley to get more involved than ever in the Kings training program.  Armed with her renewed passion and unabridged energy, Ashley’s return to Boston was filled with her commitment to help improve training for all locations as she volunteered for every project she could to help make the training at Kings what it is today.  
After evolving the training program and processes for Kings, Ashley was given the opportunity to lead the training for the 5th location as a “Head Trainer” for Kings as our location in Lynnfield opened.  Ashley organized the training schedule, seminars and took the lead on this opening.  Most impressive of each opening Ashley has done, her ability to look at the training and ways to improve each opening and companywide is one of her many most respected qualities.  Never has she opened a location and not reflected with the teams she works with looking for ways to become better for the team she leads and the new team members she is training.  
Ashley was soon promoted into the role of “Director of Training” for Kings, which was a newly created position for the growing company and one that Ashley helped write the job description for.  
Among her many notable accomplishments and projects, Ashley helped co-found the “KMIT Program” for all internal and external Manager in Training for Kings.  The process includes a comprehensive program that starts with the “Onboarding” and every process of the training that a Kings Manager is involved in.  
Ashley is directly in charge of the Kings “Guest Satisfaction” (Shopper) program and works directly with the Chief Operating Officer to use the vital tool to help improve our training through these valuable snapshots of our service.  
Ashley has now been part of the growth of Kings in 5 states and 11 locations and counting.  With nearly 1200 team members in our company, Ashley’s job at Kings is an important one.  Her direct reports include the Certified Trainers and Corporate Opening Trainers who work with Ashley to inject the culture of Kings into the amazing team members who work hard to serve Kings Guests.  
Ashley works out of Kings Dining & Entertainment Corporate Offices as a valuable, senior member of the Training & Human Resources Team in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts in the “Training Lab” and works alongside Kings Director of Team Training & Compliance and longtime friend, Ms. Portia Yates. Ashley often travels between all locations to host training seminars, trainer certifications and KMIT Progress updates.  When Ashley visits locations, she works closely with the trainers and managers who inspire, support and energize her to do her important job.  
Ashley leads the charge by consistently championing the company’s Mission Statement and showing her commitment to the Kings team.  The first line of the mission statement at Kings is to “Recruit, Develop and Empower a Talented and Motivated Team” and Ashley Fitzpatrick’s role as “Senior Director of Team Training & Empowerment” is the brand ambassador of this commitment.  
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