Shake Off the Holiday Hangover and Become a Royal Insider

 Psst. Finally got rid of the in-laws? Christmas tree starting to wilt a bit? Sick of choking down leftovers and still nursing a nog-based hangover? 
Anyone who said “you can never have too much fun” is officially full of it. The holidays can be exhausting and after all the caroling and auld lang syneing is done, you need some hearty food, good fun and great company to recharge those batteries. 
That’s why KINGS is digging deep, pushing aside the ever-browning needles of the old Douglas Fir, and pulling out one last surprise gift: Between January 2nd and 4th, we’re giving all our Royal Insider members one FREE appetizer or pizza at ANY KINGS location while bowling in a group*!
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Whoa, Free Apps and ‘Za? How Do I Get In on This?
We’re glad you asked and it’s beyond easy: Simply sign up to be a Royal Insider any time before January 1st. Heck, you can sign up New Years Eve if you get bored waiting for the ball to drop.
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be treated to news about upcoming events, daily/weekly specials and even the occasional promotional item as a token of our appreciation. To get your free pizza or app, all you have to do is show your sign up email when you go bowling at KINGS between January 2nd and January 4th - or pull up one of our social media posts featuring the promotional offer!
Margherita Pizza kings dining entertainment
If you need to shake off the post-holiday blues, a couple rounds on our lanes - combined with a few rounds of our craft beers and cocktails - is just the ticket. Even better, you can combine your free app with any of our other weekly promotions, as well as check out the other table games and entertainment options we have to offer. Going back to “real life” doesn’t have to be a drag when you’re a KINGS Royal Insider. Sign up today to get your free app or pizza!
*Limit one per group, available on the lanes while bowling only. 
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