Summer Santa? 6 Reasons To Plan Your Holiday Party NOW (Yes, in July)

With the summer in full swelter and 4th of July freshly fogging up the rearview, it’s time to move on to more pressing concerns: The employee end of the year holiday party. 
Yep, that’s right. And no, we haven’t been hitting the poolside daiquiris before happy hour. Just because the temperature is hitting triple digits doesn’t mean that you can forget about the fact that (like the show says) Winter is Coming -- and bringing along with it the annual holiday getdowns. As the dining and entertainment experts, take our advice: There’s no better time to book your office holiday party than right now. 
...You still seem skeptical. Need five reasons to book your office holiday party with us right now? Too easy, we have six for you:
1. It Pays to Book Now. Literally.
We know that money talks, so let’s talk: Book your corporate holiday party now and KINGS will give you a little gift in return. Through our Christmas in July deal, we’re offering corporate event planners who book either:
  • $100 in Kings Dining & Entertainment Cards (not valid towards alcohol or gratuity)
  • 25% OFF your Summer Team Building Event*
 *25% off entertainment fees for your summer outing between July-September 2018. Ask your event sales manager for more details!
A little goes a long way at KINGS and we’re positive your boss will appreciate the stocking stuffers/discount on a summer team building event just for booking now. 
2. Get the Date You Want (While You Still Can)
You may think you have plenty of time to book your holiday party, but take it from us: When September rolls around, prime holiday dates start filling up FAST. Come October and November, you’ll be lucky to be able to rent out the basketball court of your local YMCA on a Tuesday afternoon, let alone your target date at a premiere dining and entertainment venue with full service and customizable party packages. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you. 
3. Show Your Team You Care
Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s summer vacation. With your team busting their hump year round, booking a fun-packed holiday party at KINGS will show them that you appreciate the fact they work hard by giving them the chase to play hard. That “work/life” balance can be tricky, but holiday and team building parties are a great way to make sure the balance never gets out of whack. 
4. You’ll Seem Totally On Your Game
Let’s face it: It’s good to get things done, but it’s better to get things done early. Locking in a prime holiday party destination ahead of schedule will show the team (and the head honchos) that you are ON IT. 
“Oh, you hear about Margaret? Yeah, she had the office holiday party locked down in JULY. Wild, right, who is even that organized? Definitely management material!” -- Your Boss*
(*Exact phrasing may vary, but it will probably be something like this.)
5. Show Decision Paralysis Who’s Boss!
Research suggests that the best leaders aren’t just the ones that make the most informed decision, but also ones who feel empowered by making decisions. We may be getting a bit philosophical, but consider it this way: By locking down your holiday party plans early on, you can “set it and forget it,” turning your attention to other more mission critical activities
6. Don’t Let Craig Beat You To it
Ugh, Craig: Always trying to bite your Instagram-worthy business casual style, talk over you in meetings, and pretend your brilliant ideas are his. Booking now is a surefire way to blast past Craig in the hearts and minds of your coworkers and bosses. EAT IT, CRAIG. 
We could toss off a dozen more reasons why booking today is in your best interest, but our event planning team can make the best case by customizing each event to your needs. So what are you waiting for? Finish that margarita and let’s get crackin’!
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