Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out: Beat the Heat with Summer Sunny Day Premium Passes!

Let’s be honest: This whole summer thing started out strong but it’s starting to wear out its welcome, right? The beach is too crowded, a day at the water park is too expensive, it’s too hot to cook, and you’ve already seen all the good movies - including that one where The Rock and Tom Cruise fist fight on top of a flaming helicopter while trying to outrun a volcano (we know that’s not a real movie, but sounds great right? Tom, Dwyane: You know where to find us for your next big blockbuster…).
What you need is a way to beat the heat that’s a certified good time for your family and friends; something that can last you all day but won’t cost you an arm and leg to keep the good times rolling. Something like say… Unlimited bowling, shoe rental and non-token gaming at KINGS maybe? Ah, but if only such a golden ticket existed!
...Oh, c’mon. You know we wouldn’t mess with you like that. We got you covered with our seasonal Sunny Day Premium Passes, running from now until the fall. 
Sunny Day Premium Passes: All Day Play for Less Pay
So now that we’ve got your attention, what exactly is a Sunny Day Premium Pass? The name should be a dead giveaway: Each pass entitles you to all-you-can-play bowling and more on a confirmed sunny day, i.e. when the sun is out. You can buy a pass ahead of time, check the weather and, when Mr. Sun is shining, call ahead to confirm your reservation.
KINGS gives you a two different options when it comes to the Premium Passes:
  • A Gold Pass, which gives the pass-holder a days worth of unlimited bowling and shoe rental
  • A Platinum Pass, allowing the holder a full day of unlimited bowling, shoe rental, unlimited non-token table games and 4 free tokens* 
Each Gold and Platinum Sunny Day Premium Pass is good for a day at KINGS from Open to 8pm - or you can upgrade Open to Close for just a few dollars more! Even better, these passes are an incredible deal, coming in at less than $30 per person, per day!
If you’re looking to entertain a crowd at a budget - and take shelter from the swelter - a Sunny Day Premium Pass is a summer lifeline you can’t afford to pass on. While you and your family are enjoying unlimited bowling and games, you can cool off with one of our revamped desserts - including an extremely Instagrammable Mega Shake. Hitting the town with a few friends in search of a good time? Our handmade crafty cocktails and ice cold craft brews will keep your whistle wet with a classic inspired recipes for every taste - served up solo-style or in a shareable 64 oz. pitcher for 2 or more. 
Save the sunscreen and bag the beach - KINGS is offering sunny day deals that give you hours of great food a fun for pennies on the dollar, all in glorious 70 degree air conditioning. Click here to reserve your Sunny Day Premium Pass today!
*Or 20 bonus points at locations with 1Up Retrocade 
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