Team Appreciation Day 2020

When it comes time to show someone your appreciation or gratitude - what’s one of the first things that comes to mind? If you’re like most people, the answer is likely a favorite 4-letter word… FOOD! Whether it’s bringing someone an unexpected sweet treat or grabbing the bill at a favorite restaurant, we love to tell people thanks over a great meal. At Kings, we’re no strangers to a great meal or to being the place people choose to celebrate, and we’re grateful for the guests who choose to walk through our doors.
However; for those who may not know, March 6th, 2020 was National Team Member Appreciation Day and we wanted to show our Team Members how thankful we are to have them as part of our family. Team Member Appreciation Day started in 1995 when a founding member of Recognition Professionals International, an HR Professionals company, dedicated an entire day to focus the attention of all employers, in all industries, on team recognition. A simple idea that has grown exponentially throughout the years.  To put it in perspective, according to a recent survey1 of 200,000 employees, what is the #1 thing that people want from their employers? Recognition. 
Our teams are made up of people who take pride in delivering amazing meals to our guests - but they also strive to create lasting memories for all who walk through our doors. As the first line of our Mission Statement outlines; Recruit, develop, & empower a talented and motivated team, we focus on empowering our team to make the best decisions for our guests. Because of that, we wanted to pause and make sure we celebrated them for all of their hard work and dedication. Our team is what sets us apart, making Kings a stand out in the hospitality world.  
We recognize that every day, our Team Members are incredibly hands-on. 
Our Dining & Entertainment Specialists at the front lines, answering phones, greeting and starting each guests’ experience. 
Our Servers ensure that every beverage or food wish is your command, whether at the lanes or in our restaurants.  
Our Bartenders create your libation of choice with care and often lend a listening ear.  
Those on our Culinary Team assemble every order with passion and pride and keep our food service running from open to close.  
The Wait Assistants quite literally run laps around our venues, delivering food and cleaning tables to ensure a smooth shift.  
Our Technicians are behind the scenes, ensuring that everything keeps rolling - from the bowling lanes to the arcade games and that is in between.  
To celebrate our teams this year, we thought it would be fun to have the Directors of Operations for each location do something a little special - They took off their blazers, donned a Chef coat, and got in the trenches to hand-prepare meals for their teams on Friday night. The details were up to the teams. Make anything you want, execute it however you want, and present family meal for the entire team at 5:00 PM on Friday. 
We take pride in the fact that we serve a family meal daily in every Kings location around the country - a lost tradition it seems in the industry, but not at Kings.  Daily “family meal” allows our teams to calibrate and just enjoy each other’s company. A small shared moment in the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant & entertainment venue is the least we can do. By having our leadership teams prepare this dish on Team Member Appreciation Day, this daily occurrence felt extra special. 
“It was hilarious to see (Director of Operations) Keith in the kitchen cooking! Says Sandra, a Server in the Burlington, MA location. “I was floored when I tried the first bite, the eggplant parm was delicious!”
Being a Director of Operations, you’re no stranger to the kitchen, but this is little different than day-to-day operations. Being behind the line, making a meal was a fun (and likely an eye-opening) experience that our leadership team really took pride in. 
Along with enjoying a well deserved delicious meal, every team member throughout the company received a Kings reusable & eco-friendly water bottle which were stuffed with candy, gift cards or personalized thank you notes. A small token of thanks for the sustained effort that our team puts in each day. 
With full stomachs and a small “we appreciate you” gift, our leadership team unveiled the new Team Member Benefits & Perks Portal. This portal was designed to make getting and giving information to our team members much easier.  Now located in one place, and with absolute transparency, the teams can ask questions, check eligibility requirements, and enroll in these online. Team members can view this portal at any time and have full access to thousands of discounts offered just for being a valued member of the Kings team.  
A new tradition created, memories solidified, surprisingly delicious meals consumed, and a thank you to each and every team member who makes up the DNA that is the Kings Culture is just one small gesture to show our team how much they are appreciated.  
Happy Team Member Appreciation Day to our team, and THANK YOU for everything YOU do, each and every day. 
1 Survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group & The Network, published in 2014 by the Boston Consulting Group
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