Watch the Summer Games (or play along) at Kings Bowl!

Kings Bowl is your ultimate option to watch the Olympics in absolute comfort.

Kings Bowl is your ultimate option to watch the Olympics in absolute comfort.

With the Summer Games coming up soon (big honkin' torch, colorful rings, global unity and sportsmanship, you know the ones...), you have a few viewing options:
  • You can head to your local loud, musty sports bar and hope to make out the sights and sounds of table tennis from across a crowded room. 
  • You can watch from your funky old couch at home, picking over your slightly off-color store-bought spinach dip.
  • You can fly to Rio, sneak into the athletes' compound and hope that no one notices that your hastily put-together "official" windbreaker really reads "Ulympix."
OK, we lied: Kings Bowl is your ultimate option to watch the Games in absolute comfort - all while staying safe from angry archers. Kings isn't just about bowling: It's a full-service entertainment destination, with state-of-the-art sound, stunning televisuals, award-winning food and drink, spectacular games and the highest-level service around. 
See it all in stunning clarity 
Every Kings location nationwide features an array of massive HDTVs so you can watch your favorite sports and entertainment with maximum visibility, no matter where you happen to be sitting. Really want to make out the beads of sweat on the judo participants as they punch through cinder blocks (is that what happens in judo?) and massive widescreens aren't quite enough for you? Kings also features huge projection screens, and some of our locations boast rentable private movie theaters for your Summer Games party.
Check the sports crawl!
Check the sports crawl!Check out the sports crawl and big screens!
Watch while playing
Even with the excitement of the big games, not every sport featured is going to be your cup of tea (seriously, competitive kayaking?). That's what makes Kings the perfect place to watch! If you hit a lull, you can just play your own games and hit our fabulous bowling lanes! Our lane-mounted HDTVs make it easy to keep one eye on the Summer Games while you and your friends run your personal triathlon of bowling, shuffleboard and skee ball. 
HD sound all around
At Kings, we take pride in being  a high-quality alternative to your average sports-watching destination. While our great food, drink and games help make good on that promise to our guests, our focus on the details of things you don't see is what puts us over the top. Kings features some of the best, most powerful, high-definition sound equipment available, with state-of-the-art speakers built discretely into the design of our bars, dining rooms and lanes. You might not see the difference, but you'll notice it when you can hear every pained grunt of the weight-lifters and whinny of the equestrians.
More than just wings and beer
With our full-service restaurant serving an impressive array of chef-designed American favorites and delicious comfort food - all made from scratch - your sports outing can always be a tasty cut above the greasy wings and soggy pizza you might get at a traditional sports bar. Sure, you can still get barroom favorites like nachos and chicken wings, but why not vary it up and try our Loaded Sweet Potato Waffle Fries - topped with bacon, BBQ pulled pork, diced red onions, bourbon BBQ sauce, shredded jack and cheddar cheese, and a freshly fried egg - or our Caribbean Jerk Shrimp Tacos? And of course, our freshly fired, handmade pizzas always go great with our selection of frosty beers.
I'm not sure I could even focus on taekwondo with this spread in front of me.
I'm not sure I could even focus on taekwondo with this spread in front of me.I'm not sure I could even focus on tae  kwon do with this spread in front of me.
Get close to the stars at Kings
If HDTVs aren't enough for you, how about IRL? Kings has played host to sports stars from every discipline looking to unwind and have fun, including Olympic participants and medal winners! Check out our recent guest Olympic Gold-medal winners: gymnast Alicia Sacramone and basketball player Kevin Garnett!
Alicia Sacramone with a bowled-over fan.
Alicia Sacramone with a bowled-over fan.Alicia Sacramone with a bowled-over fan.
Peace or bunny ears, Kevin Garnett? PEACE OR BUNNY EARS???
Peace or bunny ears, Kevin Garnett? PEACE OR BUNNY EARS???Peace or bunny ears, Kevin Garnett? PEACE OR BUNNY EARS???
So what are you waiting for? Book space for your Summer Games celebrations at Kings Bowl today!
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