Who are you voting for? Help elect Kings' new menu item!

While millions of Americans will be tuned into the debates tonight, Kings Bowl is looking to Make Wings Great Again!

Cast your vote for your favorite wing flavor!

While millions of Americans will be tuned into the debates tonight, Kings Bowl is looking to Make Wings Great Again! We know that we're Stronger Together, which is why we are holding a promotion allowing our customers nationwide to VOTE on their favorite new flavor of our delicious chicken wings.
From now until Election Day - November 8, 2016 - guests are invited to go to VoteKingsWings.com and choose their favorite new limited -time flavor from our Fall Menu. We know that diversity and freedom of choice is what makes this country great, which is why, unlike in that national election, we offer more than two parties to choose from! Your tasty candidates are:
  • Garlic Parmesan Rosemary Wings with Marinara Sauce                                                                   
  • Kung Pao Wings with Wasabi Cream Sauce
  • Spicy Thai Peanut Wings with Coconut Lime Basil Sauce                                                   
  • Korean BBQ Wings with Carrot Ginger Sauce                                                                 
  • Sesame Ginger Wings with Spicy Soy Sauce
The flavor of wing with the most votes by election day will be added as a permanent fixture of the Kings Bowl menu starting in January 2017!
Do these wings know what Aleppo is or have a plan to help cut our national debt? Of course not, they're chicken wings. But they are fresh, never frozen and prepared to order every time, covered in our scratch-made sauces. And that's Taste We Can Believe In!
Not featured: the words "Bankruptcy" and "Fat Mess."
Not featured: the words "Bankruptcy" and "Fat Mess."Not featured: the words "Bankruptcy," "Charity" and "A real mess."
Looking for a place to watch the debates tonight - and maybe drink and play your troubles away? Kings is your perfect viewing destination, with our HDTVs and supreme sound on the lanes and in our lounge, allowing you to hear and see every rallying monologue and embarrassing gaffe in total clarity. We'll even be running "Debate Bingo." Guests tonight are invited to grab a card when they arrive and play along as the candidates square off, for a chance to win free bowling after the debate.
Just because we threw off the monarchy in 1776 and embraced a voting democracy doesn't mean that American doesn't love Kings! Make Kings Bowl your debate destination for this great nation. 
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