A Hero to Kings: The inspiring story of Dylan Rizzo

We are supremely honored to have been part of the inspiring story of Dylan Rizzo.

Dylan Rizzo is an inspiration to everyone at Kings.

For all of us in the Kings Bowl family, the sense of fulfillment we get from making our guests happy and creating lasting memories is unparalleled. But sometimes, we are given the chance to play host to a true hero. That's why we are supremely honored to have been part of the inspiring story of Dylan Rizzo, as was recently detailed by Lee Cowan of CBS news
When Dylan was 19 years old, the Lynnfield, Massachusetts native was involved in a devastating car accident. His car spun out on a patch of black ice and struck a telephone pole, resulting in severe injuries to Dylan's skull and brain. Dylan was quickly rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where neurosurgeons removed the left side of his skull in an attempt to reduce swelling and fight the effects of what for could have been potentially fatal injuries.
Following the surgeries, Dylan slipped into a coma, followed by a vegetative state while his brain and body healed from his injuries. While many in the medical community urged Dylan's friends and family not to expect Dylan to emerge from vegetation, what happened next was nothing short of a scientific miracle: Dylan woke up. 
"Dylan is nothing short of a scientific miracle and inspiration."
Over the course of two years, Dylan slowly but steadily worked to regain his motor functions, learning to stand, walk and write his own name again. His progress was from a scientific perspective was almost unparalleled, confounding medical experts as day by day Dylan worked tirelessly to retrain his brain and body. Of course, despite his "official" prognosis, Dylan never doubted his recovery.
"Yeah, it was guarantee-able," Dylan told CBS. "I'm going to be better, that's it. Just keep going. That's what I always say, just keep going, that's it."
Five years later, Dylan is an inspiration: Working as a volunteer assistant coach at his alma mater Lynnfield High (Go Pioneers!), Dylan regularly hits the gym for weight training in addition to his usual physical therapy. The talkative and easygoing 20-something is a shameless flirt with a true-blue love of microbrews. And what does he do to blow off steam? Bowling with friends at his favorite place, Kings Lynnfield, of course! 
Everyone at Kings is amazed by Dylan's story of triumph and honored to call him a guest. To learn more about Dylan's astonishing story and watch him at work on the Kings Bowl lanes, click here.
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