Good Times Ahoy: Celebrating the Latest KINGS in Boston Seaport

 You’ve probably heard the rumblings of something big brewing in the ever-expanding KINGSiverse. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s all true: our latest and greatest location is now open in the heart of the Boston Seaport!
kings dining entertainment seaport opening
The opening of KINGS Seaport is the culmination of our growth as a company and years of work delivering the finest dining and entertainment around. Nothing makes us happier than to see our gleaming latest location open up so close to the first ever - and still bustling - KINGS in Boston’s Back Bay. Nothing, of course, but showing it off to our guests.
Let’s take a tour, shall we?
The Draft Room
kings dining entertainment seaport opening 02
Even if you aren’t a fan of bowling - we know there’s a few of you out there, and truly our hearts ache for the tin shaped holes in your lives - KINGS has always represented more than just lanes and games. That’s why we’ve spent so much time and energy developing our top notch craft cocktails, sourcing local brews and scratch making our entire gourmet inspired menu - available every night until 2am!
That in mind, the first stop on our grand tour is the Draft Room. Its an intimate, retro sports bar atmosphere where you can just kick back and order up some delicious cocktails, food or - as the name suggests - 40 ice cold local beers on tap, poured tall and fresh out of short draft lines and served in giant steins. The walls are lined with 12 foot HDTV screens and vintage sports memorabilia, making it the best place to catch a game, unwind after work or host a party. 
kings dining entertainment seaport opening 03
The Barkade
Feeling wistful for the 16-bit side-scroller video games of your youth? Harken back to your wild and untamed youth at our fully-tricked Barkade! From Pac-Man to Super Mario Bros., alongside air hockey, shuffleboard and more, you can test your mettle kid with a pocket full of quarters - only old enough to be able to buy a few adult beverages.
kings dining entertainment seaport opening 04
Leagues and Industry Night
As we ramp up to full steam ahead, we’ll be hosting all kinds of amazing events and special evenings at Seaport. We are currently accepting applications and inquiries to start a bowling league that will launch early in the new year. This will give you time to get together your roster of pin pals, gather your gear, and plot world bowling domination.
While league play won't go live until 2018, we wanted to start strong and reward the hard working folks in the service industry - particularly those who work in the Boston Seaport. That’s why every monday night starting at 9pm we’ll be hosting an Industry Night. Our industry nights typically include free bowling, live DJs and dancing, karaoke, giveaways, prizes and so much more. Sometimes it pays to put in a few hours for the man. 
Getting in the Door
Since Seaport has opened its doors, things have been popping off. Guests are coming in from far and wide, including celebrities like Malia Obama (hey, you never know who you’re going to run into at KINGS). 
With all the excitement, if you’re looking to get a taste of what KINGS Seaport has to offer, why not put in a Dine Then Bowl reservation? Or better yet, if you’re in the market for a hip destination with amazing entertainment and dining options for an upcoming birthday, office or Holiday party, drop us a line! Our expert party planners and staff would love to lend a hand.
KINGS Seaport is now open, with temporary hours and permanent hours forthcoming. We’ll see you at the Seaport!
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