Woody Takes Miami: The Grand Opening of Kings Bowl Doral

After years of planning, everyone at Kings Bowl America is pleased as punch to announce the most recent addition to the royal family: Kings Bowl Doral, Florida, opening May 22nd! A premiere location in South Florida, just a hop skip and a jump from Downtown Miami, we knew that X would mark the spot when it came our latest and greatest location. And who better to lead the way to the site of our tenth - and most epic - Kings Bowl than our trusty mascot Woody T. Pin, Esquire!
woody 01
Look at this handsome, 9-foot tall drink of water.
gif 01
Woody had a heckuva journey on the way to South Beach. Here’s just a few of the wacky hijinks Woody got up to navigating the vibrant Miami culture:
woody 02
Woody Tries Out For Baywatch
Not long after arrival, Woody hit beautiful South Beach in search of a job - preferably one saving sexy co-eds from drowning and wearing a speedo. This didn’t go so well. Woody kept getting mistaken for driftwood and only narrowly escaped being turned into an artisanal coffee table.
gif 02
To be fair, that also happened to David Hasselhoff.
Woody Takes Pride
Woody was pleased as punch to be a part of the revelry and positivity that is the beloved Miami institution of the Pride Parade. Kings has always been about acceptance and hospitality for people of all stripes - not just nine foot bowling pins with red stripes painted around your neck. 
Chowing Down at Versailles
woody 03
Another heartbreaker for ol’ Woody. After getting a tip that Miami's Versailles is home to some of the most delicious authentic Cuban cuisine, Woody sat down to a plate of Lechon Asado, only to come to a troubling conclusion - Woody has no mouth. Tough break, Woodster. 
Woody Finally Gets to Work
After a few days of enjoying the beach bum life, Woody and his crack team of pinheads got down to brass tax: Starting work on Kings Bowl Doral. 
woody 04
“OK, Pancho and Lefty will start by setting up the bar. Middleman, Centerpiece and the rest of yous guys: You start with the kitchen. And I better not see anyone laying down on the job…”
After weeks of hilarious misadventures, the knockaround crew managed to erect the most epic, expansive and awe-inspiring Kings Bowl to date. The only thing left: Installing the sign. And, well.... Let’s just say that Woody’s foreman skills leave something to be desired. Check it out for yourself:
Miraculously - and in spite of Woody’s well-meaning “assistance” - Kings Bowl Doral was completed and now stands ready to take its place in the thriving Miami nightlife, offering delicious gourmet inspired food, hand-crafted cocktails and - of course - our signature lanes and games. Want a sneak preview before it opens its doors? Check out a magical tour of the facilities in anticipation of the May 22nd opening:
Kings Bowl Doral is going to kick off with a bang, and we want you to be part of it! On Monday, May 22nd, doors will open at 6 PM, and if you’re on the first in line, you can get FREE BOWLING for a YEAR!* 
  • First 250 guests through our doors win FREE bowling for a YEAR*
  • Pre-opening entertainment, giveaways & activities!
  • 10 lucky guests will WIN $100 in Kings Cash!
Doors open at 6 PM - be sure to get there early for all the fun!
*Free bowling for a year includes 2 free game of bowling, each calendar month until May 2018. 
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