6 Benefits to Joining a Kings Bowling League

Feeling out of touch with the outside world after getting snowed in all winter? It’s time to thaw out and get a little social! Putting yourself out there and pressing the flesh can help you feel revitalized after months of staying in and watching The Great British Bake-Off.

Nobody wants a soggy bottom. You tell ‘em, Mary.

Nobody wants a soggy bottom. You tell ‘em, Mary.


Instead of joining a book club (too many paper cuts), gym (debilitating fear of grunting) or knitting circle (brutal yarn fights), why not try joining a bowling league to get back in the social swing of things?


No Lane, No Gain

At Kings, we make it easy to form a league and compete with six of your best buds in a season-long tournament. Over the course of six weeks, six teams go head-to-head, culminating in the crowning of a champion. You just tell us what kind of league you’re looking to form and we’ll make it happen. League types include:

     Social Leagues

     Corporate Leagues

     Family Leagues (for afternoon play)

     Industry Leagues

     And many more!


What’s the big deal about a bowling league? you may be saying. My uncle Mort is part of a league and it seems like just an excuse for him to sit around with his buddies, drink beer and wear custom bowling shirts.


First off, custom bowling shirts are awesome.

First off, custom bowling shirts are awesome. So quiet your facehole, por favor.

Glad you asked! The following are the top six benefits of joining a bowling league at Kings:


1. Meet Your Mate

You’ll never get the chance to “Netflix and chill” if all you do is chill and watch Netflix by yourself. Kings Bowl is a veritable romance incubation destination, with delicious food, fun and shareable apps and cocktails perfect for getting the amore arising. Sure, sinking a 7-10 split may not seem all that scintillating on the surface, but the excitement of the game can create lasting memories and unbreakable bonds between you and your sweetheart.


You don’t have to take our word for it: Kings has been the site of over 20 marriage proposals over the years! Will the heat of league battle kindle a new passion? Sign up and find out…


2. Avoid the Dreaded ‘Catching Up’

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about “catching up” with everyone you haven’t seen over the winter months, joining a league can be a great way to ease back into your social life. Instead of unloading months-worth of exposition over a noisy round at your local dive (i.e. your kid had his bar mitzva and the cat had kittens. Or was it the other way around…?), bowling leagues give you and your buddies an activity to structure catch up around. Let the conversation flow naturally.


3. Bowling to Blow Off Steam

The cold weather can get you feeling pent up. Rather than taking to Facebook to fight with that Aunt over politics again, why not try something a little more immediate and satisfying? Giving it your all on the lanes can make you feel like a million bucks and help shake off the winter blues!


4. Smells like Team Spirit

Are the gifs from this season of The Bachelor not flying from cubicle to cubicle as freely as they used to? Is everything seeming a little sleepy around the office?


Shh, Corinne. We accept you just the way you are.

Shh, Corinne. We accept you just the way you are.


Get the office humming again by starting a league with your coworkers and colleagues! A little bit of friendly competition can actually help reinforce positive teamwork habits and improve interpersonal communication. And hey, if there’s anything more satisfying than totally handing your boss his or her metaphorical butt on the lanes, we don’t want to hear about it.


5. Sweatin’ to the Bowl...ies


Where’s our usual panache for puns?

...OK, maybe that headline got a little away from us. Where’s our usual panache for puns? And where is Richard Simmons anyway?!


Let’s face it: The winter months are for hibernation, hearty meals and sometimes packing on a few. If you’re fighting the battle of the bulge, joining a league can be a fun way to get a killer workout! In a 30 minute bowling session, you can burn up to 285 calories. Let’s see you beat that, uncomfortably hot yoga!


6. This Ain’t Your Granddaddy's Bowling League

...No, we aren’t talking about a grim and gritty reboot, where league members fight each other in joyless combat, everything is dark and it’s always raining.


Tell me Superman: Do you bowl? You will…

“Tell me Superman: Do you bowl? You will…”


 At Kings, we strive to make joining a bowling league a fun, not-so-intimidating experience. Our leagues are more about having a good time and building up personal connections than somberly beating the tar out of your opponents. Scoring points is totally secondary to friends, food and fun.


If any of this is sounding irresistible, you aren’t alone: Hundreds of people every year sign up to take on their friends, family, colleagues or even total strangers in our low stakes, high excitement Leagues. Simply click here to fill out an inquiry and get ready for a great time. 


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